Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Jenny Monthly Challenge - March Reveal, Part 9

Time for Project #9!*

(Hee, that sort of rhymes. Sort of. Perhaps I'm getting a little loopy--this really is a lot of blogging for one day!)

Here are the materials that I had to work with for this project:

That is a mixture of mother-of-pearl shell and two shapes of amethyst. Unfortunately, I did not snag a good picture of those components before I started using them. Oops. The above picture just does not do them justice--they really are gorgeous.

Now, this is another project that morphed while I was working on it. When I started off working on this necklace, the design looked like this:

...But I simply could not get myself excited about it. It looked too much like one of the necklaces I made last year for Christmas (the amethyst one), and while it was pretty, I wanted to do something different. Nothing I tried looked right.

I was stumped.

And then I received an order that I had placed with a Facebook bead seller. She included a couple freebies with my purchase, and one of those freebies just happened to be a purple shell pendant.

And with it, everything just fell into place: 

This set is brought to you by sweet serendipity!

What do I like about this set? Most everything, actually. I like how everything just happened to come together. (I love it when it works like that!) I like the color--which isn't a surprise, because I love purple. I like the mixture of materials--the combination of the tranparent amethyst and the smooth shell. I like the tassel.

...Did I mention that I like how everything came together?

...I have one more thing planned for this set: a wrap bracelet. There just wasn't enough time this month to make it--imagine that! Maybe next month.

And that completes part 9 of this reveal! Come back in an hour to see part 10... There are three more projects to go!


* - For those of you just tuning in, I'm doing a rolling reveal of all the projects I made for March's Monthly Challenge... It was a muffin tin challenge, and there were 12 projects overall.

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