Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Pretty Palettes - December Reveal

This last week has been a whirlwind. 

There was last-minute beading, and then packing and traveling 9 hours to visit my parents for Christmas... and then turning around and coming right back home after only 4 days. I'm in a bit of an after-Christmas stupor.

Imagine my surprise and chagrin, then, when I remembered that today is the reveal for December's Pretty Palettes. As of last night, I hadn't even started making anything! But, miracle of miracles, I actually have something to show for this reveal. Woo!

First things first, though... Here are the beautiful palette colors for this month--perfect for December:

Not my photo! Courtesy of Molly Schaller, and the Halcraft blog.

I had actually picked out beads for this challenge at the beginning of the month... I came upon them while I was unpacking from my trip, and they are what prompted me get started on my project.

Here are the official beads that Molly picked out (on the left), and the beads that I picked out (on the right):

And here is my last-minute, how-quick-can-I-wire-wrap necklace!

I have been wanting to experiment with shorter, less ornate tassel necklaces... This seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so.  The necklace itself is 19 inches long (instead of 28+), and the tassel has 5 strands (as opposed to 10). 

It still has a wonderful amount of movement, but is more of an more everyday necklace and less of a special statement as my regular tassels. And with those colors, it's too bad I didn't have it finished in time for Christmas!

Oh, and I chose the toggle clasp because it reminded me of the poinsettias in the inspiration picture. :)

So, there you go! That is what I made, under the wire, for this month's Pretty Palettes. I am once more amazed at how quickly I can work given a deadline. Ha!

Feel free to hop over to the Halcraft blog to see what everyone else made with these lovely colors... And thank you so much for stopping by today to see what I made!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!


  1. I love it. Very Christmasy and I really like the choice of toggle.

  2. This Piece would of been very lovely for your Christmas, love all the movement and energy of this piece.

  3. Beautiful! The toggle flower is perfect in the center as it reminds us of the poinsettia in the photo.


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