Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I have officially made the first hairsticks in my newly designed craft room!

...And they are all dedicated to the color green!

Hurray for all things green!

Dramatic shot--mostly to test the lighting in my new photo corner.

Listings to come--
and, yes, the leaf set is already posted.

Check out the leaf listings here!

...May these be the first of many, many more!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Knitting, Knitting, Knitting...

...All sorts of glorious knitting!

I have discovered that while my craft room looks like this:

To be fair, it no longer looks like this.
In fact, it's almost usable!  :D

This is how I utilize my creative energy:

Knitting!  Three scarves and two potholders.

Yes, indeed, I have become a bit obsessed with knitting.  This fact is very amusing, considering my ability to do only the very basic knit stitch.  (For my history with knitting, look at this post.)

And, I have two other projects that I am working on: a heavy-duty rainbow scarf, and a lightweight fashion rainbow scarf.

The heavy weight scarf is made with two strands: one black, and one, well, rainbow.

Yes, my scarf matches my socks.  Don't judge.  :D

The lightweight scarf is made with a very thin yarn on size 13 needles, making it very lacey and downright lovely.

Today, scarves.  Potholders.  Tomorrow, the world!  

...Or, at least a blanket.

(I have my sights stuck on something like this one.  We'll see if it happens, given my propensity to fail at following patterns.  Heh.)

Oh, the joy of knitting!  :D

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just So You Know...

...My laptop is having issues.

It's most recent trick is that the keyboard randomly stops working...  which makes it rather difficult to do anything.  That is why I've been so silent recently--rather hard to type, when your keyboard doesn't work!  

In good news--I am getting a new computer in a few days!

Until then, I will continue to be rather silent.  But, in the meantime, at least I can knit!  :D