Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Pretty Palettes - January 2018 Reveal

If you're here looking for my Bead Swap Introductory post, go here! It's an older post, but it's still accurate. Thanks so much! :)

Here it is--the first Pretty Palettes of the year! How exciting! :)

I actually wasn't sure if I was going to be able to join along this month... It's just been so crazy around here. (Sorry if you're getting tired of me saying that. I'm really trying my best not to complain, but golly it's been rough.)

I had actually decided that I was going to sit this month out... But then, around this time last week, I realized how important it was for me to participate. Creating is therapeutic for me, and I realized I was going to be very disappointed if I didn't at least try.

And so, at the last minute, I dragged my husband to the store (with a gift card in tow!). Here are the beads that I picked out:

Now, there was another added challenge this month. When I finally decided that I was going to participate this month, my hand was already out of commission.... meaning, no wire-wrapping. 

(Sidenote: I'm happy to report that my hand is doing much better today! I have no idea how I managed it, but somehow I had bruised my palm. Huh. That's why it hurt when I tried to hold the pliers. Oh well. In any case, I will happily resume my wire-wrapping ways soon! Yay!)

Anyway, due to my hand mishap, that meant that I could only make something using stringing methods.

...And I am very, very happy with the results!

...Yep, I went all out! It is a six-strand strung necklace, dripping with pearls, Czech glass, crystal, and glass--all paired with gunmetal and brass. 

I really loved the way that the original palette shifted from black to white, and I wanted to echo that movement. Construction-wise, each side of the necklace is a mirror of the other--just using the different color combinations.

It's also rather long. I was having some issues getting the whole thing photographed in my current photo set up. So! I was finally able to set up one of my Christmas presents from my parents--a brand new (larger) lightbox! 

I'm still figuring things out with it, so I realize the next few pictures aren't the best. Still, they give you an idea of the size and flow of the entire piece... Since the inspiration itself was opulent--champagne and caviar--I figured something extravagant was in order!

...Not sure if you noticed, but the gold-and-cream side has a brass end cap, and the black-and-silver one has a matching one in gunmetal. I was having fun in the details. :)

So, there you go! Apparently when I can't do wire-wrapped bead chains, I go all out and make giant strung necklaces. Hah! As I said, I really am happy with how this turned out... Thank you to Molly Schaller and the Halcraft blog for hosting this challenge, and thank you so much, readers, for stopping by to see it!

Have a wonderful day, everyone! Here's to hoping that February is much calmer than this January has been! :)

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