Friday, January 19, 2018

We're All Ears - January Reveal

It's time for the first challenge reveal of the year! Woo!

The challenge in question is this month's We're All Ears Challenge. The inspiration? The recently announced Pantone 2018 Color of the Year:

In a word: Purple!

I had so many ideas for this challenge--it's probably not a secret that purple is one of my favorite colors--but, sadly, I could only get to one of them. Considering how this month has been going, though, I'm happy that I was able to do that much!

Here are the beads that I used:

...And here is what I made!


The larger, focal beads are custom-made glass by retiring lampwork artist Juli Cannon, and the rest are amethyst teardrops that I bought while in Maryland. They certainly do seem to match the inspiration color--and the quote that went along with it:

Not my photo! From the original inspiration post.

So, there you go! That is what I was able to make for this challenge--although I'm sure I'll be using this color a lot in the days to come. :)

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Sorry for the shorter entry--I'm still catching up from being gone last week, both sorting through emotions and resuming regular life things. (You know, like do all the laundry. Heh.)

Have a lovely day, everyone!


  1. Purple! Yea! I love these earrings as they have a sophistication and an elegance that is also swingy and fun. I look forward to making more with purple in the coming months. Thanks for playing along with the We're All Ears challenge! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. I love the dangliness (is that a word?) of these earrings. They are so pretty and have a fun swing

  3. The focal beads are truly yummy. I love how you incorporate "the tassel component" into whatever you make. I wish I knew my USP like that

  4. I absolutely love your earrings. I love the color of purple that you used and the design. Well done!

  5. Beautiful beads (those lampwork ones are amazing!) and perfect designs in using them! I think my favorite type of earrings are ones that have just the right amount of "swing" in them, like these do.

  6. What a playful design! The lampwork beads are very beautiful and the drops are a great match!

  7. You made a truly lovely and elegant pair of earrings. I love those focal beads... so yummy! I'm so sorry for your loss and hope that getting to create a bit has helped lighten the burden on your soul. Hugs to you and your friend!

  8. As soon as I saw those lampwork beads, I wondered who made them. I should have known. Juli makes/made beautiful stuff! And, you do too. These earrings are so dreamy and perfect for this color. One pair was plenty of eye candy!

  9. It seems so inadequate to call those earrings yummy, but that's what they are. Luscious. Delicious. And no doubt super fun to wear.


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