Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Reveal - October Theme Challenge at Art Elements

I am absolutely thrilled to say that I was able to participate in this month's Theme Challenge over at Art Elements. I really do love a good blog challenge, and it's been too long since I've really done one.

I am even more thrilled to say that I am absolutely in love with this month's inspiration-of-choice: Petroglyphs!

Simply put, petroglyphs are rock carvings (as you can tell from the word's origin: πέτρα (petro) is the Greek prefix for "stone," and γλύφω (glýphō) means "to carve"). They are often associated with prehistoric cultures.

...Given my art history and anthropology background, this challenge was really up my alley.

Although any media could be used for this challenge, I immediately knew what I wanted to use: a lampwork glass bead I have had since 2009. (I remember exactly when I bought it--it was super expensive for me at the time, and it was truly a splurge.) That special bead became the focal point, and can be seen here:

...And here is the rest of the necklace!

Yep, I made a tassel. I couldn't help myself.

To go with the focal, I mainly used Serpentine--which I had also purchased at the same time and place as the lampwork bead. In fact, all of the 6mm rounds are Serpentine. I had a long strand of it, in various shades, which I then divided up to make a gradient for the tassel and the beaded chain. 

All of the copper components are recent additions to my stash. Because of the earthy colors of both the lampwork focal and the Serpentine, I decided to add the leaves and the bumpy copper beads (they make me think of pinecones). It makes it look like this petroglyph is hidden in the forest, just waiting to be discovered.

The only other beads are the little wooden discs--which add to the forest-tree-hidden-rock art theme. I added them to match the swirl on the lampwork bead, and they help make the petroglyph really pop.

So, there you go! That is what I made for this challenge. I truly loved this theme... and the chance to play along.

Thank you so, so much for stopping by today... Be sure to take a moment to look at what the other participating artists made--they are so talented, and I'm sure their creations are beautiful!

Here is the list of participants:

Art Elements Team:
Lesley Watt: http://www.lesleywatt.com
Jenny Davies-Reazor: https://jdaviesreazor.com
Cathy Spivey Mendola: http://cmendola.blogspot.com
Sue Kennedy: http://www.suebeads.blogspot.com
Caroline Dewison: http://www.blueberribeads.co.uk
Laney Mead: https://laney-mead.blogspot.com/
Marsha Neal Minutella: http://blog.marshanealstudio.com
Claire Fabian: https://saraccino.blogspot.com

Our Guest Artists:
Jill Egan: https://kilnfiredart.wordpress.com
Tammy Adams: http://www.paisleylizard.com/blog/
Alison Herrington: http://AlisonAdorns.blogspot.com
Alysen: http://chicchixnchampagne.blogspot.com
Sarajo Wentling: https://sjdesignsjewelry.blogspot.com
Jenny Kyrlach: http://anafiassa.blogspot.com  (You are Here!)
CraftyHope: http://CraftyHope.com
Kathy Lindemer: https://bay-moon-design.blogspot.com/

Thanks again... Have a wonderful day, everyone!


  1. As soon as I saw the tassel, I remembered how much I LOVE and admire your tassels!! Your wire work is perfect and I definitely thought of pine cones when I saw the copper beads. Great Job!

  2. What a gorgeous necklace! And I love that this theme let you use this treasure from your stash! But the result is worth it :)

  3. Love your necklace, the tassel is wonderful

  4. What a fabulous design! I just love the leaves at the bottom of the tassel and at the top. You did your treasured art bead justice with this necklace.

  5. What a beautiful setting for your special bead, your design is gorgeous and I bet it's fun to wear!

  6. First off, I somehow had missed your background in art history and anthropology. So cool!
    Anyway...that necklace is DIVINE! I adore the gradient color of the tassel - so yummy! Your focal bead indeed has that petroglyph feel to it. And the chain of the necklace works in so well without drawing attention from the focal. As well, I love how thought out the additions were to give it such a natural feel. Awesome, awesome job!

  7. Its always exiting to finally use a treasured bead form the collection. One that was waiting for JUST the right thing. This looks wonderful - the gradation in the serpentine/tassel is lovely. I hope you wear it often! Thanks for joining us!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous. I want to wear that necklace! It evokes the ancient tribal feel of prehistoric peoples. You really nailed it. Thank you for joining our challenge!

  9. What a gorgeous necklace - such a lovely take on the theme.

  10. Such a beautiful and earthy look!

  11. You're right, this challenge was right up your alley. The beaded tassel is exactly the perfect finishing touch for this awesome focal! Did you rosary wrap each serpentine? I also love the gradation of stones AND length. And the white wooden beads set off the swirl. Amazing! Alysen.

  12. This necklace is drool-worthy. The tassel is spectacular and yet does not overpower the focal bead. Great interpretation.

  13. Sorry to be hopping so very late again... What a perfect focal for this challenge! I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has things in their hoard! You've made a special and lovely piece.


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