Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursday's Worktable

...I apparently fell asleep early yesterday instead of posting my Wednesday's Worktable. Oops. That's what I get for putting off my entry until the evening! :)

So, better late than never... what am I working on currently? Many many projects, but one specific thing that I'll share today: I'm trying to re-learn how to do pearl knotting. I was fairly passable at it a few years ago, but apparently my skills have weakened over time. A lot.

Still! This time, I have a handy little tool! I picked it up while I was out yesterday, and I'm learning how to use it:

Five good knots in a row!
...I'm strategically not showing you the rest of the strand. :)

My grand plan is to apply my knotting skills to some waxed linen--I have a necklace design that I really, really want to knot that way. Unfortunately, my attempts to do so last night made me so frustrated I had to step away from the table--for sanity's sake. I figure I'll keep working with my pearls and silk, and then try again!

So, there you go. Nothing too glamorous, just pushing myself to grow in my skill-set. Lots of messed up knots, lots of annoyance, but hopefully becoming a better jewelry designer as a result.

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!

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