Thursday, February 27, 2014


This is just a quick little entry today to say hi!

So, hi!

I have not forgotten about my blog… I've just been rather busy these last few weeks. (Cleaning! Trips to the dentist! Having our water turned off for hours at a time for maintenance! …You get the picture. Ah well, at least February has been mostly illness-free.)

Oh, and something exciting: I have a few ideas for fun blog-type things coming up, starting in March--and, yes, that's only a few days away!

Until then, though, take care! I hope everyone is doing well, and I look forward to coming back with more exciting things to say!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Weather Report

It is almost 70 degrees outside today!

Spring really is coming!

Bright colors, trying to break up the monotony of grey and winterwhite.

Of course, a week from now it's supposed to be back below freezing... But, hey. Today, I have the windows open--and it's glorious!

...Other than that, I don't really have much else to report. I'm back in a cleaning frenzy, and cleaning frenzies don't really make for interesting reading. They do, however, make for cleaner living spaces and cleaner creating spaces. We'll have to see if anything lovely happens as a result!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

In Which I Turn into a Squealing Fangirl - Part 3


As I've gotten more involved in the beading community, I have been trying--as funds allow--to buy some handmade components to go in my creations. After all, there are so many incredibly talented artists out there!

And, well, yeah...  The inevitable has happened.  I've turned into a squealing fangirl.

In my defense, though, these artists are so cool. That is why this blog series (that I actually started last year, before it took a bit of a hiatus) is dedicated to sharing some of their work... well, that, and because I want the opportunity to babble.  
What can I say--I'm excited! :)

~ --- ~ --- ~ --- ~ --- ~

Today's Artist

Today's artist is a talented polymer clay artist: Patricia, over at The Color of Dreams. (Her Etsy is here, and her blog is here!)

I have been wanting to make polymer clay beads for a long time--and, well, nothing I've done is as impressive as what she makes! Her stuff is so bright and cheerful... Just looking at it all makes me smile!

Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of the beads before I used them... I was a bit too excited, I guess. So, instead, I'm going to show off what I made with them!

Those topper focals? Yep. All polymer clay beads by The Color of Dreams. I really fell in love with those butterfly wings... as soon as I saw them, I wanted to use them as hairstick toppers. 

And so I did!


...But, of course, I didn't stop there. 

I decided to make matching earrings, too!

I actually just posted the butterfly sets on my Etsy store, because they were just so happy and colorful that I wanted to share. I hope they make someone else just as happy to wear them as I was to make them!

Oh, and, of course, she also made those beautiful purple beads that I used for the center pair of hairsticks, seen below:

Now I have to decide if I'm going to list that purple pair, or keep them for myself! (Since, you know, purple is my favorite color...)

...Heh, and I also have my eye on a pair of adorable hedgehogs she has listed on her Etsy...

And so, there you go!  Yet another talented artist, and yet more cheerful lovelies to make me smile! Thank you so much for letting me share!

~ --- ~ --- ~ --- ~ --- ~

And, for those interested in such things--no, she did not pay me or bribe me to write this entry.  Not at all.  I'm just really, really like her work, and wanted to share.

After all, this blog is, in part, my chronicle of happy things...  And, to me, these beads are happy things!  :D

Monday, February 10, 2014

Recent Treasuries!

It's been awhile since I've done one of these... Here are two recent treasuries!

Can you find the Wonder and Whimsy items?

Hint: It's in the first row.

Hint: It's not in the first row.

Thanks so much for stopping by... 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bead Soup Sign-Ups! Today Only!


Remember last year, when I joined the giant blog hop called Bead Soup, run by the incredibly wonderful Lori Anderson?

Well, I just signed up for it again.


And, the only sign up day for it this year is TODAY, February 9th… So, if you're interested, go over and sign up! (And, if you're not sure what this all is about, check it out here.)

…And now I'm going to bed. Who knows--maybe I'll dream about beads.

Goodnight, everyone! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Quick Show-and-Tell

...Is this thing on?

*tests the internet*

Ah-hah! Connectivity!

I'm going to try to make this quick, before the internet goes away again... I just wanted to show off a jewelry set that I just made! (And I'm so excited, that I'm going to make ALL of the photos extra large, heehee.)

So, yes. Those are the earrings. 

I paired Swarovski rivolis with some handmade lampwork beads, by the one and only Juls of Julsbeads. I love the color combination--and how the shades shift and shimmer in the light.

Oh, and I made a matching necklace, too.

...Here's a close up of the earrings, one more time.

So, why does this set have me so excited?

First of all--Julsbeads! And Swarovskis! What's not to love? It's always nice to work with such rich materials... Enough to make me spoiled. 

And, secondly--I was actually inspired to make this set. And I enjoyed doing it! This may not seem like a big deal to some, but there have been so many times recently where I've sat at my beading table and made nothing. The excitement, and the desire, just wasn't there--sapped out of me, drained dry by some sort of creative exhaustion. 

But, these last few days, it's like something has snapped--and the joy is back. Hopefully, this is the first set of many new creations!

...And, now, back to bead organizing. Happy Friday everyone! I hope your weekend is full of laughter and beautiful things!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hello, February!

Woo-hoo, it's February! 

...that's one step closer to Spring.

Anyway, this is just a short little entry, because we're still having internet issues... I'll try to write more, once connectivity is a bit more reliable.

In the meantime, I wanted to pop on here and wave, and wish everyone a wonderful February! And a Happy Superbowl, to those who care about such things. Have a great Sunday!