Wednesday, February 22, 2017

February's Pretty Palettes - Reveal!

This month's Pretty Palettes inspiration was the beach!

Not my picture! This was featured on the Halcraft blog.

...because it's February, and many of us are longing for sun-soaked summer days instead of grey-and-gloomy midwinter. (Although, to be fair, it has been unseasonably warm here in Cincinnati.)

When coming up with the particular palette to use, Molly Schaller used the above picture to generate this group of colors:

Not my picture! ...Again, this is from the Halcraft blog.

...which she then used to pick out beads. For my part, however, I decided to branch out a bit from those chosen beads--mostly because I had to order them from online, and some of them were sold out. That ended up being part of the fun, though! It's always fun adding my own twist to the challenge, after all. 

So! While the original beads focused on driftwood-browns and creams to represent the sand, I instead decided to use yellow to represent the sun (and because on my monitor, that second color on the right looked more yellow than beige). With that in mind, here are the beads that I picked out:

And with those beads--and some others from my stash--I ended up making three necklaces. While none of them turned out exactly like I had in mind, I still enjoyed this inspiration and wanted to share!

Necklace #1

The first necklace that I made underwent a couple different design overhauls. I kept changing out the focal, and then I kept adding and removing beads, but eventually I settled on this:

A green-blue-turquoise-yellow tassel necklace! 

Knotted on waxed linen, this necklace has a little bit of everything: ceramic, wood, Czech and regular glass, reconstituted stone, and even some shell. While the inspiration photo didn't really have any darker green in it, I couldn't help but add it. I think it helps balance out the yellow.

Now, I realize this necklace doesn't exactly stand out as beach-y... Something about it just doesn't quite match that image. Still, I like it--and I don't think it would look terribly out of place if worn while at the beach! :)

Necklace #2

For this second necklace, I decided to take out the green and instead add a little brown to the mix:

...Oh, look! It's another tassel necklace!

This necklace is also knotted on waxed linen--albeit thinner, and a different color. Like the previous necklace, there is a little bit of everything: Czech glass, wood, crystal, shell, and magnesite.

Again, it doesn't match the inspiration photo again. Again, it doesn't jump out as beach-y... And, again, I think it would look quite at home if worn while vacationing at the ocean. :)

Necklace #3

And now, for the last necklace that I made. This one doesn't have a tassel, nor is it knotted on waxed linen. Instead, I decided to use the darling little resin flowers I  purchased, and made this:

Czech glass, shell, glass, and ceramic all come together to make this tropical-feeling necklace and interchangeable earring set. 

...And of all the pieces that I made, this one definitely feels the most beach-y to me! I'm pretty sure it's the flowers.

So, there you go! That's what I made for this month's Pretty Palettes. Thanks so much for stopping by to see what I made... Be sure to swing by the Halcraft Blog to see everyone else's creations!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!


  1. What a wonderful batch of pieces you've made! I'm not sure which is my favorite...hmmmmm. I love them all, but think I'd be most likely to wear the second tassel necklace with the large wooden round. I love tassels, and yours are gorgeous! Thank you so much for playing along! I just finished getting the post ready for next month's Pretty Palette blog hop!
    All of my very best,

  2. Great pieces. The inspiration is lovely, and your pieces use the colors perfectly. The first two are my favorite style - long, with a focal and tassel. You combine beads so well. I love those little resin flowers too with your last set. I think that set would be perfect at a beach party or wedding!

  3. Beachy or not, they are fantastic! I am partial to the waxed linen tassels but I like what you did with the flowers, too!


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