Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tribes Competition Challenge: Petal

Next up: the Petal Tribe!

...or, in a word: pink!

Here are the official listing pictures, to give you an idea of the lovely components that I got to play with...

Now, while I was inspired to go the simple-but-elegant route for the Mountain Tribe Challenge, that was not the case for the Petal Tribe Challenge. Granted, I still stayed with elegant--but instead of only one set, I made four pieces: three necklaces, and a pair of earrings. 

I also played around with something I don't normally tackle: layering. I haven't had much success with layering necklaces before, but I thought I would try again... this time, with more success!

Oooo... A layering sneak peak!

So, why did I go with the multiple necklace approach for this Tribe? 

Again, I'm not sure the fantastical culture that Andrew Thornton had in mind when he created the kits (he didn't tell us!), but in my mind, the Petal Tribe takes its adornment very seriously. They have taken their tribe name from the multitude of flowers that surround their fantasty home--and, like flowers, they like to decorate themselves in layers. The amount of necklaces worn (and their length) is indicative of the formality of the occasion... Although, in recent times, that can also vary because of the wearer's preference. 

Bright and cheery colors are represented in the Petal Tribe's preferred palette--although pink is, by far, the most prevalent. It is also considered the most traditional color, the most formal--and the choice color to wear at the midsummer masquerades.

So! That is the lore that I chose to associate with the Petal Tribe, and as I said, I made three necklaces. There is a short choker stung on waxed linen, a medium-length necklace featuring the handmade pendant that came with the kit, and a long dangly necklace made with pearl, acrylic, and Czech glass. 

...And now I get to show off each one of them for you!

Necklace 1

The first necklace is the shortest necklace. It is made the seed beads and linen were included in the design kit, as well as a brass petal-like medallion that I had in my stash.

...And I have to say that this necklace felt like it took forever to make. So many little knots--one after each seed bead! It was definitely worth it--I like how it turned out!--but I may think again before making something similar.

In my created Petal Tribe lore, short necklaces are good go-to everyday necklaces... And, with sturdy knotted construction, this one should definitely fit the bill!

Necklace 2

The second necklace, the middle-length one, was made using the handmade pendant that was included in the design kit. The stylized flower made me think of a house crest, so in my mind this is the official seal of the Petal Tribe.

I paired the pendant with beads from the design kit, and added some pearls for a pop of bright pink. This necklace celebrates all different shades of pink, after all--the more, the merrier! 

In my Petal Tribe society, this could be worn by itself for an everyday look--or paired with the others for a fancy occasion.

Necklace 3

And now it's time for the third necklace: the longest necklace. 

It is made with a myriad of different beads from the design kit, with pale pink pearls added to soften the look. The pendant was made by gluing a pearl from the kit onto a flower filigree, and then adding wire-wrapped drops and brass chain.

The longer length of this necklace means that it would be considered the most formal in my Petal Tribe society, regardless of whether it's worn by itself or with the others. That's part of the reason that I made the pair of earrings to match it--well, that, and the fact that I had more of those wonderful teardrops left from the kit.

So, ta-da! That is what I created for the Petal Tribe Challenge. Thank you so much for stopping by to see what I made, and for listening to my ideas on a fantasy culture. I really do enjoy combining stories and jewelry.

Next up: the Nomad Tribe!

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  1. I love all of your necklaces and how you had a tale about the tribe!! I got two other kits, and I considered getting petal. I'm a little sorry I passed it up now. So beautiful!


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