Saturday, October 22, 2016

We're All Ears: October Reveal

I'm a bit late, but here we go! This is my reveal post for this month's We're All Ears challenge, hosted by Earrings Everyday!

The inspiration for this month's challenge was weather. Cloud formations, wind patterns, precipitation--all were fair game. And, trust me, I certainly didn't have to look far for ideas. 

You see, it's been really really rainy here recently. True October rain, too... Drippy and cold, raindrops and fallen leaves pooling on the ground, green-grey sky set against golden amber trees. 

It's probably no surprise, then, I was inspired by the mixture of swirling clouds and raindrops. 

...I was so inspired, in fact, that I ended up making three pairs of earrings along that theme. 

This first pair focuses on clear raindrops and swirling silver components. They are even mildly asymmetrical. (It just seemed like the thing to do. *grin*)

For the next pair, used a similar construction--albeit with different components. 

I mixed some labradorite with Czech glass AB teardrops--adding a touch of green-grey Autumn sky to the crystal-clear water drops. They are also asymmetrical--mirror images of each other.

For the third pair, I used labradorite only--again with swirling cloud-like components:

Here they are, all together... All variations on a cloud-and-raindrop theme:

So, there you go! Those are the earrings I made for this month's challenge.

But! I'm not done yet. I also wanted to add a quick update on those pendants I posted about on Wednesday

Namely, I've already made one of them into a necklace set!

This is the blue mana symbol from Magic: the Gathering.
I made the pendant this week.

I figured this was fitting for this particular post due to the waterdrop. ;)

Thanks for stopping by, everyone... I hope you have a wonderful weekend--whether it be raining or no! 


  1. Good job on the earrings, they look very classy

  2. What a lovely little collection of earrings! Love how you incorporated the swirls and raindrops. And your Magic set is really fun too... great idea!

  3. All of your earrings are lovely! You make wire wrapping look easy. Your's is so well done. The necklace is very cute and perfect for the inspiration.


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