Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March Pretty Palettes - Reveal!

This month's theme for the Halcraft Pretty Palettes challenge is "Dress Like a Starlet"... inspired by the Oscars, and all of the glamorous dresses and sparkly jewelry that goes with it!

The curator of the challenge, Erin Prais-Hintz, chose three different dresses--and three different colors--that we could pick from for our inspiration. I personally selected the blue dress as my starting point. (Although, truthfully, I would have loved to have time to do all of them! Maybe I'll have to revisit this challenge later. *grin*)

So! Onwards! These were the beads that were officially picked out for the challenge:

Not my photo!
From the Halcraft Blog.

...And, well, I actually only used one of them: that gorgeous pendant.

I had planned to use them all, but when I was shopping for beads, a design came to mind... So, instead, of using the beads pictured above, these are the materials that I picked out:

Same colorway, same glam and shimmer, but slightly different shapes and sizes. For those interested, in that collection, there is: crystal, Czech glass, silver-plated metal, resin, and glass.

And, from those materials, this is the set that I made:

Since the materials have so much sparkle and texture on their own, I decided to go with a simpler design--one that would let the beads really shine (heh, both figuratively and literally).

I admit to being rather pleasantly surprised at how this set looks when worn... While definitely glamorous, it is not overwhelming. It's on the classy end of sparklebling--not gaudy--and I think it fits the inspiration quite well! :)

So! There you go!

As always, thank you so much Erin Prais-Hintz for picking such a lovely theme to work with!

And thank you, readers, for stopping by! Be sure to check out the reveal on the official Halcraft Blog to see what other designers made for this challenge.

Oh! And be sure to come back tomorrow, too... I'm going to do a rolling reveal of all the pieces I made for my personal Monthly Challenge. There are 12 projects, so there are going to be 12 posts! (There is way too much to show for one post, so I decided to divide it up.)

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

And, for those looking for my usual Wednesday's Worktable post, I am forgoing the one for this week... I figure that between this reveal, the 12-post-rolling-reveal coming tomorrow, and the introduction to April on Friday--well, this week is booked! And that's not even including the eventual post to cover all the work that I've been doing on the FusionBeads 30 Day Bead Challenge... Yeah, it's been a busy month! :)


  1. Delighted by your bead choices! That is what I love...when designers pick what speaks to them for the challenge. I love that pendant as well and have used it in the past. It is so glamorous and classic, like something my grandmother would pass down to me. Thank you for joining in the fun! Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. Love it! The simplest designs often pack the most punch AND yours does! My favorite bead you chose are those sparkling resin ones, they are perfect for the inspiration!

  3. Beautiful, Elegant! Classy! I didn't play this month....but I had to leave a comment.

  4. This set is SO pretty! I especially love how you make the earrings in one fail sweep of wire. That was super clever and it looks solid and professional. Thanks for playing along!

  5. Very pretty! The necklace is perfectly balanced with just the right amount of bead variation. Your wrapped loops on your earrings look perfect, too. It's those little details that really set great jewelry apart from the ordinary.


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