Thursday, April 13, 2017

Allegory Gallery - Forest Journey Reveal

It's time for another Allegory Gallery kit challenge! Hurray!

I love the theme of this particular challenge--the forest journey, which is part of the hero's journey. Andrew Thornton, one of the creators of this kit, described it as such:

When we created the concept of this challenge, we thought about the hero's journey.  Often times the protagonist of the story in faced with entering the woods.  They must leave behind the status quo and go on a journey.  Usually it's a scary prospect.  The forest is a place of mystery and many times it can be perceived as a foreboding place.  But the forest is also a place where remarkable things can happen.  Into the woods, the hero of the quest can find amazing gifts and insight.  Despite the initial challenge, hidden in the sheltering embrace of branches and trunks the hero stumbles upon unexpected friendships, ardent bravery, otherworldly magics, and a deeper knowledge.  It is a place where magic swords are found, wells of wisdom burble forth, and champions are born.

...How cool is that! I liked that so much, I just wanted to quote him directly. Go here to read the rest of his write-up!

Now, I didn't actually take a picture of the entire kit before I dove in... I guess I was super eager to start my own journey. Still, I did think to take a quick photo while I was sorting out the beads:

While that certainly doesn't show everything that was in the kit, you can still see the beautiful focal that Andrew made to go along with the theme. 

Although I had several ideas, I ended up making only two necklaces from this kit. Hopefully, though, you'll agree that they're lovely--and definitely worthy of such a wonderful theme! :)

Necklace #1

This first features that lovely focal, as well as the big juicy lucite beads (seen at the top of the in-process-of-sorting picture) and four bright copper beads. I added the dark copper beads and the findings... otherwise, everything is from the kit.

I chose to use two shades of copper to echo the play of light in the forest--the bright sunshine that shines through the trees, as well as the shadows it casts. 

I chose a rose toggle clasp as a reminder that no matter how forbidding a forest can look, there is always beauty to be found there.

Necklace #2

This second necklace that I made is a bit different than the first one--it's asymmetrical and random and has a tassel. (Yeah, still going strong with the tassels.)

...It's also much longer than the first, and much more wild-looking. While the first necklace almost looks like a keepsake from a journey through the forest, this one looks like it could be worn by one of the forest's own denizens. (I showed it to one of my friends, and she said it looks like something a wood sprite would wear.)

It is also made almost entirely with beads from the kit. The only additions were the findings, and the brown paper beads I made to match (there's one in the tassel, and three in the necklace strands).


This necklace stretched my designing muscles a bit... I've already mentioned in previous entries that I don't normally think in asymmetry--but there was really no other way for this necklace to be. It just felt right.

...And so, just like the forest, this necklace is a bit wild and unkempt--but is all the more beautiful for it.

And there you go! That's what I made with this beautiful kit. I loved the materials, I loved the colors, and I loved the wonderful meaning that Andrew and William of Allegory Gallery gave to it.

Thank you so much for stopping by today to see what I made, and listening to me wax poetic about the forest! (I really do love forests.)

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!

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  1. I really like both of your necklaces. They are both great styles and look so balanced. Your wire work is lovely. Beautiful pieces.


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