Thursday, June 15, 2017

Allegory Gallery - Water & Fire Mystery Competition Reveal

Hello everyone!

Now, you might have thought that since I'm visiting my parents this week, I wouldn't be able to participate in today's Allegory Gallery reveal. However, I am pleased to say that is not the case! While I'm working with some limitations (I'm using my ancient laptop and I don't have my regular photo setup), I'm not going to let that stop me.

And so, on to the reveal! :)

The idea behind this particular Allegory Gallery challenge was the balance between fire and water. To that end, there were two different kits available... And as an added layer of excitement, we didn't get to choose which one we received; they were sent to participants at random.

So, which kit did I get?

Well, I'll give you a hint:

That's right! I got the water kit--and it was lovely!

I don't actually have a picture of the original kit (at least not with me--there might be one on my computer at home), but the above picture gives you an idea of what was in it: beautiful shades of blue and teal and turquoise, with touches of green and bronze. 

Overall, I made three necklaces and four pairs of earrings. 

Set #1

The first of these necklaces is a random tassel necklace, made with materials from the kit paired with brass findings. For some added depth, I also added some paper beads, shells, and cream pearls from my stash.

Set #2

This second set is another tassel necklace, using the glass focal and Czech glass from the kit. I also added some glass rounds and dark teal crow beads to add some slight color variation. Oh, and in case you're wondering, I did actually make matching earrings, too... I just forgot to bring them with me to my parents' house, so I couldn't photograph them.

Item #3

For once, I just made a pair of earrings without a matching necklace. Imagine! This pair is made entirely with beads from the kit, and features a combination of glass and acrylic beads. They are lightweight and fun--and large enough to serve as a focal accessory in their own right. :)

Set #4

Last but not least, here is the set that I'm going to enter into the Competition. It showcases Andrew Thornton's lovely polymer focal, paired with brass and jasper. The beads are hand-knotted on waxed linen, which in turn is knotted to a length of chain. The linen ends were then woven through the chain, echoing the waves seen in the pendant.

These pictures don't quite capture the depth of color seen in this necklace--or the striations visible in the jasper beads, for that matter. I am very happy with the construction of this piece, particularly the way the linen was added to the chain. I'm also thrilled with how well the jasper and the focal match; it's like they were made for each other.

So, there you go! Those are the pieces I created for this challenge. I greatly enjoyed working with this kit, and I'm very happy what I made... And I'm also happy that I was able to share them with you--ancient laptop and all! Thank you so much for stopping by! :)

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. Love what you made and I can feel your excitement and happiness. Thank you for sharing.

  2. These are great pieces! I especially love the jasper, brass, linen, chain and pendant piece. Those components work so well together!


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