Friday, June 29, 2012

Breaking the Shackles of Time...

One glance at a book and you hear the voice of another person - perhaps someone dead for thousands of years.  Across the millennia, the author is speaking, clearly and silently, inside your head, directly to you.  

Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people, citizens of distant epochs, who never knew one another.  Books break the shackles of time.

~Carl Sagan

I came upon this quote while doing research for one of my stories.  As a bibliophile, its truth struck me...  and, as a writer, it makes me wonder if my words, too, will be able to reach through time and touch the future.  Time will be the tell.

Also, trying to take these pictures ended up being pivotal to my day.  In other words, I accidentally started to read one of them, and didn't realize what had happened until page 100.  Ah well--it was worth it!  (And, yes, I did go on to finish it.)


Have you read any good books recently?

...And, have you ever started to read a book by accident?  You're going along your day, and suddenly find yourself reading?  I can't be the only one!  :D

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Construct Additional Pylons

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind--with my husband's birthday, and teaching a friend to sew, and knitting, and being social, and once more writing with fervor.  I have so many ideas in my head; I hope to, at some point, have most of them written down.

And, that's not all I've been up to!

I have also been beading...  and I have just listed one of the new sets that I've created.  I have whimsically dubbed it "Construct Additional Pylons." *





* - "Construct Additional Pylons" is something that you hear, repeatedly, if you play StarCraft as the Protoss.  When I first looked at the slender blue beads, I could not help but think of these pylons--and thus this set was created.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Dr. Who Scarf - Progress

This past week has been one of much resting, much reading, and much knitting.

There is something very relaxing about
having knitting needles in my hand.

The Dr. Who scarf is coming along quite well!
Happy lines of color.

How far have I gotten in my Dr. Who scarf?  

Oooo, oooo, let me show you!

...How exciting that there are enough people out there making Dr. Who scarves to even merit a counter like this.  Wheee!

And for those wondering, I am using this pattern, courtesy of


And, for those interested, the healing process is coming along quite well.  My jaw is pretty sore, but there haven't been any complications.  I go back on Wednesday for a follow-up appointment, and I expect it to go well.

Also, I have rediscovered a love for macaroni and cheese.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It Went Well!

So, today was the big day.

After a week of not feeling well, followed by a week of fever and utter pain wherein I couldn't chew at all, I am now hopefully on the road to complete recovery. 

Good riddance, wisdom teeth!

So, yeah.  I had all four wisdom teeth removed.

Waiting for my turn on the operating table...
At least dentist chairs are actually comfortable!

Overall, it went well.

I am exhausted (to be expected), and my mouth hurts (also to be expected), but the surgery itself went very very smoothly.  I was in and out in about an hour--including the time it took them to knock me out with anesthesia, and the time it took me to wake up.

And now, I am on good meds--and a promise from my husband for as many milkshakes as I want.

So...  Hurrah for being on the road to recovery!  

And now, to go get another ice pack.  


...Hopefully, this means that soon I will be able to return to my regularly scheduled blog of happy shiny crafting things, and not the ongoing medical saga.  Oh, it will be happy to talk about beads and knitting and sewing!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Things to Be Happy About...

So, I am having my wisdom teeth extracted tomorrow.  All four of them.  At once.

While I'm not exactly looking forward to this, I am happy that they are going away...  And that made me think of:

Things to Be Happy About!

  1. Having my wisdom teeth removed--having an end in sight to the mouth drama.  
  2. Living in a day and place where I have access to good medicine and good surgeons.
  3. Being able to chew! ...and the promise of doing so again, once this is all said and done.
  4. Knitting again!  I have started work on my Dr. Who scarf!!
  5. Lying in bed, reading children's books and looking at the world with wonder.
  6. Re-learning the wonders of pudding.
  7. Having friends and family who love me.

The children's books of choice: three written by Edith Nesbit,
penned between 1900 and 1904.

The Doctor Who scarf!!
...And also my first adventure using circular needles,
even though I'm not knitting in the round.


So...  what are you happy about today?  I would love to hear!