Thursday, March 3, 2016

Jenny Monthly Challenge - 2 Year Anniversary!

Believe it or not, the Jenny Monthly Challenge was started in March of 2014. That means that I've been doing this for two years... And I've made some pretty cool stuff in that time!

So, to celebrate, I decided to do something rather special for this month's challenge. 

What I'm doing is actually an adaptation of another challenge that I saw online: the Muffin Tin Challenge. While I'm not entirely sure who started it, I came upon the concept through the Humblebeads blog. I never seem to catch it when she hosts the challenge, but I thought it would be fun to do something similar for this month. 

I have had more than one person ask why I have a muffin tin in my craft room.
What is this Muffin Tin Challenge, you ask?

The idea is simple... fill up a muffin tin, where each cup has all of the components (beads, findings, etc.) for a single project. Then, once you've assembled the pieces, finish those projects as quickly as possible.

After all, instead of doing one project this month--why not try to do 12? Heh.

And now that you know what the challenge is, here is my muffin tin!

I spent a good portion of February picking out the projects to put in the cups. I tried to get a nice variety of colors and textures and materials--and even got my husband's input when I was stuck. (Those glass lemon and lime slices on the top right? That was one of his additions.) 

There's Swarovski crystal, there's gemstones, there's glass, there's vintage ceramic, there's even a genuine fossil shark tooth!

Now, while I don't think I'm going to get through all 12 projects in the original challenge's timeline (one week!), I'm going to see just how many of these I can get done in a month. I'll post them as I finish them--including up-close pictures of the components, so you get to see what I'm working with.

This should be fun! I'm actually pretty excited about this challenge... It's quite a bit to do, but that's part of appeal. Time to start making things!

Be sure to stop by throughout the month to see how I'm doing!

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Jenny Monthly Challenges!

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