Thursday, March 13, 2014

Introducing: The Jenny Monthly Challenge!

The Background

I've been having a great deal of fun putting together my Bead Soup to send to my partner... I've been looking at focals and clasps, and playing around with matching colors and textures. 

And, well, that made me start thinking.

While the Bead Ruckus is on hiatus, I've been wanting something that I can do to keep myself on my designing toes. Something to push me, to inspire me, to make sure I don't become complacent.

...Something to help me use up some of my awesome (and overflowing) craft stash.

My solution: The Jenny Monthly Challenge!

About the Challenge

Although that's kind of a goofy name, it seems to be the one that has stuck. Ah well.

The idea for this is pretty simple and straightforward. Essentially, at the beginning of the month, I'm going to post a picture to my blog and challenge myself to create something using the materials presented.

For example, I might post pictures of beads that I want to use together in a piece of jewelry. Or pictures of fabric that I want to turn into a skirt. Or pictures of yarn that wants to become a scarf. After all, the Jenny Monthly Challenge is not necessarily going to be jewelry oriented--although I'm sure my beads will make several appearances! The only rule that I'm setting for myself is that I have to use at least one thing from whatever picture I post.

Then, at the end of the month (I'm aiming for the last Friday), I'm going to post what I came up with!

...If it's a particularly good month, I might even post progress pictures during the middle weeks. And, if it's a particularly bad month, I'll bemoan my "failure" and try again the next month. Either way, it gets me creating--and that's the whole idea!

March Challenge

Obviously, it's a little late in the month to start this (I had hoped to post this last week)... But I'm too excited to wait until April! 

So, to kick it off this month, here is my March challenge! 

It's like a mini Bead Soup! ...Sort of.

That pendant? Is Fordite. I bought the cabochon almost a year ago, attached the bail, and then subsequently did nothing with it. I'm in love with it, though, so I really want to do something cool with it.

For those curious: what is Fordite?

Also called Motor Agate, it is actually old automobile paint--built up layers of enamel paint slag, leftovers from when cars were hand spray-painted, which became hardened through repeated heatings. It is hard enough to be cut and polished, and can be turned into lovely pieces of art.

...Just like this pendant.

My current idea, as seen in the above picture, is to pair the Fordite pendant with some chain and some leftover Swarovski bicones. 

...That's the plan, at least. We'll see if that's what I end up doing!

Again, the plan is to reveal what I make on the last Friday of March! So, stop by on March 28th to see what this becomes!

I realize that this idea may be a little bit silly, but I'm excited at least to give it a try!

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