Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Songbird Tribute Reveal: An Uncommon Sell-Sword

Not everyone in Evensong's Heir is a Songbird...  So, today, we have a set for someone who has, well, seen a little more than just the Valnon Temple.

An Uncommon Sell-Sword
Set for Nicholas Grayson

An Uncommon Sell-Sword: Earrings

An Uncommon Sell-Sword: Hair Picks...
With 3 inches usable length, they are much,  much shorter than hairsticks.
Therefore, they are only for adornment for already secured hair.

An Uncommon Sell-Sword: Necklace

The listings are here:

And! Exciting! Evensong's Heir is now available, both in print and ebook format! 

I hope everyone is enjoying the reveals as much as I am...  It's so, so fun being able to finally share something I've been working so hard on!  :D

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