Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Fling Kit Challenge - Reveal!

Oh, look, it's time for another reveal!

This time, it's the reveal for the Spring Fling Kit Challenge, organized by the lovely Amy of Amybeads.

To give you a refresher, these were the beads that I was sent:

And this was the focal that came with it, handmade by the talented Alenka from Slovenia:

I desperately wanted to do something with seed beads for this challenge.  I had dreams of creating a peyote bezel for the focal, and perhaps some fancy stitch for the necklace rope itself.

There was only one problem with that.  

I, apparently, am not a seed beader.  

Well, not yet, at least.  Still, the reason for that is matter for another blog post, and I want to get on to the reveal.  After all, what I did end up making, I am very very pleased with.

First up, the necklace:

Instead of making a bezel out of seed beads, I glued on a bail. I had originally planned on having the dragonfly be straight up and down... It was a last minute inspiration to glue it at a diagonal.

Up next, the earrings:

Even though they are simple, I absolutely love these. Of course, it doesn't hurt that purple is my favorite color.  Still, the faceted white beads are simply lovely, and I was so happy to have some leftover from the necklace for these earrings.

And, last but not least, the hairsticks:

These are made with the other pair of 3D printed hairstick prototypes that I 3D modeled myself. (The other pair was used in my Bead Soup.)  

The prototype flaws are a little easier to see on these white blanks--namely the ridge that shows up intermittently in the middle--but I thought they matched the color scheme so well that I had to use them. Besides, no one is going to see that ridge when these beauties are in my hair.  :D

So, there we go!  Those are the pieces that I made for this challenge! 

Here is everything together:

Isn't this colorway beautiful?!

So, the final result...  No seed beads, but still really happy!  I love the colors, love the elegant-but-Springy feeling of the entire set, love the fact that I was able to tackle this challenge and make something pretty.  I was even able to make everything using the kit that was sent to me--and I can't wait to see what everyone else made.

Thank you so, so much Amy and Alenka!


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So many talented people!  :D


  1. Hi Jenny,
    Beautiful!!! and so different from what I have seen so far. I wish I still had long hair so I could wear the beautiful hair sticks!

  2. Those are all gorgeous. I love that you hung the dragonfly at an angle. The necklace is beautiful, as are the earrings. I love, love , love the hairsticks. That is such a great idea.

  3. You have truly outdone yourself, all your pieces are gorgeous. I love the earring and the hair sticks and the necklace is gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful and so different from the others!!! I love also the earrings and the hairsticks, great job!

  5. Oooo, very nice. I want to go back and hag my focal at an angle! Your interpretation is wonderful, and gives the dragonfly an honored place!

  6. Love your idea, I think the dragonfly looks great angled. Love the hairsticks. I have long hair but never thought about making them.

  7. Jenny - I LOVE all these pieces!!!! Clearly you do not need to be a seed beader to make beautiful things (not that I thought anyone had to be!). I love the way you did this necklace. The bead caps are great. (P.S. - your photography is gorgeous too!)

  8. Love how these all turned out. I particularly liked how you put the pendant on the extra chain but it's still part of the necklace.


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