Friday, April 26, 2013

I am in the middle of preparing (slowly) for today's Songbird Tribute reveal.

...And I'm tired.

There is no reason for this picture, except that I like it.
...I suppose I could make some sort of sun-going-down-being-tired
analogy, but that's probably a stretch.

And so, this is just a quick post to say that there will not be a reveal on Saturday and Sunday.  I really, really want to do them, but I am tired and need to rest my eyes.  

I know that might sound like a lame excuse, but I actually have issues with my eyes... More specifically, I have a blind spot in my left eye, directly on my macula (directly on the fovea, too, if you want to be technical).  

This blind spot means that I have no fine-tune vision in that left eye... which, in turns, means that writing, reading, beading, literally anything that I focus on, I am only seeing it with my right eye.

...And my right eye is exhausted.

Editing pictures, writing product descriptions, listing items, staring at the computer screen--all good and happy things, but I have learned that when my right eye asks for a break, I need to give it a break. I do not take my vision for granted, and just need to go offline for a little bit.

No reason for this one either...
But, dramatic sky is being dramatic!

So, there you go... a long winded explanation for why there won't be a reveal on Saturday and Sunday.

Thank you all so much for understanding!


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