Sunday, April 7, 2013

Best Laid Plans...

Yesterday, my husband and I had Plans (tm).

First, we were going to go to the museum.  Then, we were going to go to our weekly Game Night.  

You know--fun happy plans, comforting in the knowledge of what was going to happen.

...Except that it didn't quite go that way.

The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.

First, we left earlier than expected because we were invited to have breakfast with friends.  Then, the museum was sold out of tickets for their special exhibit, so we didn't get to go to that (rescheduled for next week).  Then, instead of hanging around playing game night, I got to venture out shopping--going places I have never been to before.

Usually, I don't adapt well to change.

...But yesterday was such a lovely day, such a happy day.

I got to go to a place I've been dreaming about going--Penzey's Spices!

I am finding that spontaneity can be a lovely thing.

I am such a planner, such an organizer, that it can be scary...  but I am starting to appreciate  it more and more.

As I go into this week, looking at the list of creative plans that I have laid out (photos and hairsticks and listings and omg-so-many-things-to-d0), I need to allow myself to be spontaneous, to go with the flow.

After all, sometimes, the best laid plans don't work out.

...Sometimes, that's because something even more beautiful is going to happen.


  1. I am so proud of you!! I want to learn that too.

    1. Heh... It's certainly a continual learning process! But I'm getting there, slowly.


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