Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Key Charm Bracelet

Recently, one of my very good friends--and fellow crafter-extraordinaire--has been on a charm bracelet kick.  She has been making some incredible pieces; it has been very fun to watch her.  Spurred on by her successes, I decided to jump on the crafting bandwagon and make one, too.  

Now, I have been collecting key charms for quite some time.  For some reason, the look and feel of old skeleton keys is very appealing to me.  So, I decided to use those key charms to make--surprise, surprise--a key charm bracelet!

And so...  Voilà!

The above picture is my favorite of all that I have taken of it, hands down.  Not bad, considering I took it using my left hand!  (That is even more significant, of course, considering I am right-handed.)

Here are some more photos...

I greatly enjoy the mixed metal look...  It uses silver, brass, copper, gold, and gunmetal.  Something to match every outfit!  It also makes it feel a bit more eclectic, which is very fitting for a charm bracelet.

Perhaps my favorite part of the bracelet--or, at least, really high on the list--is the toggle clasp that my friend helped me find.  It is, of course, a key:

Isn't that awesome?!

...It doesn't take much to make me happy.

Anyway, actually putting the thing together was a bit of a pain...  the chain and the jumprings did not want to cooperate.  Ah well...  The result was worth it!  Especially since it has a pleasing weight to it, it looks neat, and--most of all--it makes the most delightful tinkling noise!  *moves her wrist just to hear the sound* 

I hope to keep adding more keys as I find them--just like you would do for any self-respecting charm bracelet.  I also saved some keys so that I can make another one, to sell.  I will greatly enjoy coming up with the story to go with that listing!

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