Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Upcoming Fun...

Looking at my blog calendar, I just realized that next week is going to be an exciting one for reveals. I have three scheduled--three!

...I guess that means that I better get creating!

(Or more accurately, that means that I need to finish the things that I've already started to work on--my worktable is overflowing with beads and ideas right now!)

First up, on February 22, I will be revealing what I made for SJ Designs Jewelry "Honey Do List." Her husband picked out a challenge for her (hence the name), which for February is a nice spring-ish color palette for her to use. And, excitingly, she invited others to play along!

Not my photo!
Color palette courtesy of SJ Designs Jewelry.

It has been a rather grey and bleak month (as February tends to be), so it's been happy to play around with these warmer colors.

The second reveal will be on February 24... You see, I have decided to hop on board and try my hand at creating something for the Halcraft Pretty Palettes.  This month, it's all about pink and lace. Given my new influx of pink beads, I couldn't resist! 

Not my photo!
Courtesy of the Halcraft blog.

I was actually only able to find three out of those five components at my local Michaels (they were sadly sold out), but I substituted a few others--and I'm pretty happy with the results!

And lastly, of course, is my personal Monthly Challenge... That reveal will be on February 26th!

This is my photo! ;)
And it's my origami kit, in case you forgot what I was playing with this month.

I have made one set so far, but I have a few more that I'm playing around with--we'll see how many I finish by next week!

So, there you go! Tune in next week... There will be all sorts of pretty things for me to show off!

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