Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Jenny Monthly Challenge - February Edition

When picking out my challenge for this month, I thought I would continue on with my paper-turned-jewelry theme. After all, I've made paper beads. I've turned pictures into pendants. 

So, what am I doing this month?

I'll give you a hint:

That's right: origami!

Some background: 
During my most recent trip to the Aquarium, I also stopped by the nearby Barnes and Noble. (A book store and the Aquarium in one place? Win!) This particular Barnes and Noble had just put all of their holiday merchandise on mega-clearance, as well as quite a few of their boxed kits. That meant that $20 kits were going for $5, $10 books were $2.50, and so forth.

...And wow, did I make out like a bandit:

The fossilized shark tooth and the smashed pennies are from the Aquarium.
Everything else is from the 75% off clearance table at Barnes and Noble.

I bought two of the origami kits... I wanted to buy more, but I was trying to be reasonable. After all, I could only carry so much--and I wasn't going to put the tabletop catapult back! (As a sidenote, the catapult is awesome... I've assembled it, and it's currently stationed next to my laptop, to protect my computing from interlopers.)

Each origami kit includes findings (wire and chain), an instruction book, and an assortment of origami paper:

Credit for this kit goes to Sherry Gerstein, whose name you see there on the book.

The big sheets of paper are 6 x 6, the medium sheets are 3 x 3, and the little ones are 1.5 x 1.5 (measurements in inches)... And I am particularly fond of that teal pattern:

And so, my challenge is pretty straightforward this month: I'm going to use the above kit to create some origami jewelry. 

More specifically, my goal is to make--successfully--at least one design from the included instruction book. If I feel particularly plucky, I might try to find additional instructions on the internet... But, that is not a requirement. Knowing me, I'll probably have more than one set to show at the end of the month... but I want to give myself freedom to experiment and fail and not have to make something presentable. So, one design it is! :)

Come by on Friday, February 26th, to see what I make!

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