Friday, February 12, 2016

This Week's Worktable

...better late than never?

I'm honestly still feeling pretty under-the-weather, so this post is going to be sparse on brilliant commentary. Hopefully you'll forgive me. :)

I have a lot of projects in my head this week, but I haven't been actively making much due to being sick. For example, I was commissioned by my sister-in-law to make a birthday present for one of my nieces... And I completely dropped the ball on it until yesterday. (Side note: yesterday was actually said niece's birthday. Oops. Talk about last minute!)

Her current two favorite things are emeralds and unicorns, so I poked around in my stash and came up with this combination:

Emerald glass and a unicorn charm!
I've had that unicorn charm for years,
just been waiting for the right project to come along.

And then I started playing around with the components:

Yes, that's the making of a tassel. I'm not expecting you to be surprised. :)

And, after an hour of poking about, this is what the finished necklace looks like:

Please pardon the photo quality--the lighting was wonky, and I wasn't feeling up to doing anything fancy to spruce it up.

Thankfully, it is very pretty in person, and my sister-in-law is happy with it. (And not even mad at me for being a procrastinating procrastinator!) Hopefully my niece will love it, too!

Oh, and since I'm showing off completed projects, I wanted to show off the finished piece from last Wednesday's worktable. As a reminder, this was the picture that I shared of the components...

And this is what the final necklace looks like!

...I really, really pleased with how it turned out! Besides the fact that I love the colors, I love the way that it hangs and jingles gently. Chance are, I'll be on the lookout for more vintage earrings to convert! :)

So, there you go... Thanks for stopping by today! 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone--and, like I said last time, stay healthy!

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