Friday, February 19, 2016

More Bargain Bead Box Goodies - January's Box

It's time for a little bit of show-and-tell! 

This time, as you can probably guess by the title of this entry, I want to show off what I made with my Bargain Bead Box last month. (I haven't even touched my box of goodies for this month yet--ha! Need to get on that.) I'm really happy with everything I made with January's box--and there was quite a bit of it!

First up, as a reminder, here are the components that were in the box...

Vintage-y and brass, with a pop of color. Love it!

Now, I have already showed you this set... it was part of my Monthly Challenge reveal last month:

I am personally fond of how the pendant stays with the vintage clock theme. :)

It is not everything that I made, though. Here is the other necklace that I made:

Three strands of chain and wire-wrapped goodness! This necklace took quite some time to make, but it was definitely, definitely worth it! I was so excited when I figured out how to add a tassel to the watch center piece! (And it is a fully functional watch, too--even cooler!)

As far as materials go, I used all of the crystals and glass and brass from the Bargain Bead Box, and also added another type of chain and some beautiful (expensive!) creamy peach pearls that I have. 

In fact, I used up so many of the box's components that I had to ask if I could order another box! (I plan on making another one of these necklaces at some point on commission... One of my friends wants one. I just have to find the time to do so!)

I am really, really proud of this necklace... It is positively luscious!

It can either be worn as a long single wrap necklace, or as a double wrapped choker.

Playing around with new backdrops for my pictures.

And, since I do like matching sets, I decided to make some earrings to match.

...Only I couldn't decide on just one design, so I made six pairs instead of one:

So, there you go! As you can probably tell, I was extremely inspired by all of these beautiful components. The color palette made me quite happy, and I just love the combination of crystals and pearls and brass. Lovely!

Thanks so much for stopping by today and letting me show you some of the pretty things I've made... I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

And now I'm off to finish up my designs for next week's (many) reveals!

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