Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February Pretty Palettes - Reveal!

Reveal time!

This month, I decided to try my hand at creating something for the Pretty Palettes challenge, posted on the Halcraft blog. This month's inspiration for Pretty Palettes was lace. (For more information about the inspiration--and lace-making--go read the introductory entry.) 

And, in keeping with the theme, here is the collection of pretty lace-inspired beads they picked out:

Not my photo!
From the Halcraft Blog.

In an earlier entry, I alluded to the fact that I was only able to find three out of the five components in stock at my local Michaels... So, I improvised! Keeping with the lace-and-pink motif, these are the beads that I picked out:

The pendant, the rose painted ceramic beads, and the large-holed ceramic beads are from the original palette. My additions are the Czech glass, the lace-like silver filigree, the cats-eye ovals, and the peachypink agate rounds (that I didn't end up using for this--I decided to save them for something else).

This time last year, I would have been quite challenged by all that pink. Things have changed, apparently, because that was not the case this month. Instead of beating my head against beader's block, my creativity kind of exploded.

But instead of just telling you that, I'm going to show you. Using those beautiful components, here is what I made:

So. Many. Things!

There are nine pieces overall: 5 necklaces, 3 pairs of earrings, and a bracelet. What can I say? I was inspired!

(And I probably went overboard, but ah well. I do tend to do that. I just have a hard time stopping when I get on a roll!)

And now for some close-ups of the different pieces.

Rose and Ribbon

I actually really struggled with how to use these large-holed beads. None of the designs that I was coming up with quite matched the delicate-lace theme. None of the spacers I added looked right, either. Eventually, I decided that simplicity was best, and strung them by themselves on multiple strands of lace-white ribbon. I figured I would just let the beauty of the beads speak for themselves.

English Tea Garden

Next up: the pink flower ceramic beads paired with white freshwater pearls. Another relatively simple design, the wire-wrapped links make it dainty and elegant. This set makes me think of something that could be worn to a fancy garden party--to complement a lace parasol, of course. :)

Silver Lace

I picked out the above silver filigree rounds because their designs made me think of lace. Here I strung them with silver spacers and freshwater pearls.

And now for the grand finale. The last four pieces are a set--they can be worn together or separately. (Granted, the necklaces aren't quite the right length for layering--but a little tweaking would take care of that!) Here they are, all together:

February Blush

All in shades of pink and white, paired with filigree silver!

This first necklace is made with the Czech glass and rose quartz (both the pendant and rondelles), coupled with chain that I bought from Michaels. 

This is also the first necklace that I made for this challenge--and it was my success that spurred me to keep creating. It hangs long and moves just like a lace bobbin, and I love it. (My original plan was to give it to my sister, but I am definitely debating keeping it for myself!)

These last three pieces are made with Czech glass and cat's eye glass, and the tassel necklace also includes rose quartz and rainbow moonstone. I actually made all three of these pieces in one day (my husband didn't see much of me that day--tassels like that take quite some time, even when they're only six-strand instead of my customary ten)... And I was absolutely thrilled with how it all came together!

So, there you go! So many pretty things! 

Here is one last shot of everything together...

Now, while I didn't include any actual lace in these designs (although I have done that before), I certainly tried to stay true to the inspiration with the delicate and intricate designs, coupled with the color palette--and I had a blast while doing so! 

Thank you so much, those at Pretty Palettes, for putting together such a lovely collection to work with!

And thank you for stopping by! I have one more reveal for this week, coming on Friday--and it should be fun! Feel free to join me, then, too!

For those looking for my usual Wednesday's Worktable post, I'm planning on posting one tomorrow. I figured today should be specifically dedicated to Pretty Palettes fun! :)


  1. Well hello! I am so very thrilled to see what you did with this challenge... you were certainly inspired! I adore all the things you did. Pink is a true challenge for me as well, and I love the different beads you used. That is why I love this challenge.... I like to see not only what you do but how you manage to find your own palette of beads to work within the theme. Those silver filigrees are WOW! I wish that I had remembered those when I was picking things out. Perfect complement to that quartz bobbin pendant. But I do have to say that I adore the beaded tassel. It is swingy and color blocked and so retro yet so now as well. Well done! Thanks for playing along with me. Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. Wow! I love your feminine, romantic jewelry designs. I especially love the tassel and the way you arranged the beads from light to dark. So pretty!

  3. So. Many. Beautiful! Things.
    I can't decide which is my favorite between the tassel necklace and the bobbin necklace. Hmmmm. The tassel necklace is just awesome and I love the way you wire wrap the tassel. The bobbin necklace is just the perfect amount of pink for the pendant. I love them both!

  4. Oh my goodness! This is awesome! My favorite is the tassel necklace and it's ombre effect.

  5. So many pretty pieces! I love it when I get so inspired during a project that it transforms into multiple designs and pieces--makes me feel productive and creative lol. I can't decide which of these pieces is my favorite, although the pretty floral bead and freshwater pearl necklace might top the list. It's so delicate and feminine!

  6. You were inspired to create a beautiful complete collection this month! My favorite is the bead chain with the spiked pendant!

  7. So many beautiful pieces! My favorite is the rose quartz and silver necklace.


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