Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wednesday's Worktable

As I work my way through my project pile, it's always fun to find things I had completely forgotten about. 

...It's also fun to look at those forgotten projects, and get completely new inspiration on what to do with them.

Today's worktable is a perfect illustration of that. You see, I found a pair of vintage earrings in the pile that needed new earwires. I had chucked them there with that very intent--to just put them on new earwires, and be done with it. 

Only, I had gotten distracted and completely forgot about them... and when I found them there today, I started to have ideas. Namely: what if, instead of just changing the earwires, I made the earrings into pendants?

Oh, look, I made one of the earrings into a pendant.

Well, that was simple enough. I even made earrings to match!

But what to do with the second vintage earring, that was now all alone? I didn't want it to feel neglected.

And so I started routing through my bead stash, and now this is what I have brewing on my worktable:

Pendant in the middle, possible earrings on the upper left,
and a bunch of coordinating beads to play with!

...And that's how one forgotten pair of vintage earrings with bad earwires has turned into this:

Pretty things in the making!

I have gotten a lot better at organizing my stash and staying on top of my projects--finishing them once I start them, not putting them off, and so forth--but every once and awhile it's exciting when something forgotten turns up again and leads to an unexpected surge of creating. And what can I say--I love this color combination!

Thanks for joining me today for a glimpse onto my worktable... Happy first Wednesday of February, everyone!


  1. What a wonderful way to repurpose earrings! And what fun to have new ideas for old projects!


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