Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday's Worktable

Today's worktable is covered with a little bit of everything.

...Seriously. It's getting difficult to keep everything straight.

Still, I will do my best to give an overview of what I'm working on... At least this means that I'm definitely not bored!

Project #1
My worktable is covered in earrings. So many earrings. There are all of the ones that I've made, all of the ones I have planned, and all of the ones that I'm playing around with. 

Today's earrings!
...Yes, I've already talked about them in another post, but I figured I'd put there here, too.

I'm really attempting to try new things... It may not look like it from the final products, but I have definitely been pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I think it's safe to say that this has been one of the most challenging Monthly Challenges yet... And that's a good thing! :)

Project #2
I have these three lovely lampwork beads from GlassyFields that are sitting on my worktable, staring at me. 

I love the colors of these beads.

I'm planning to make them into focals for three different tassel necklaces, so I've been shifting through my stash to find just the right coordinating beads for them. I have some ideas, but nothing concrete yet.

Project #3
I have the BargainBeadBox shipment that arrived in the mail this week--and I'm so excited to make things with it!

Beautiful, classic, traditional holiday colors...
Hues that transition nicely from Autumn to Christmas.

I hope to make a few pieces to enter into their Monthly contest... I actually won the drawing last month ($25 gift certificate, woo!)--and, even though I doubt I can win two months in a row, it's always fun to play around with such a lovely selection of materials. :)

Project #4
I have some earrings that I made for my monthly challenge, but decided not to include.

Why did I decide not to include them? Because I've already started making matching necklaces for them. The whole point of my challenge is to make earrings that stand out on their own... But, golly, these just begged to be made into sets.

So I'm making them into sets.

Project #5
Last but not least: I'm also working on blog hops! Two, to be precise.

Blog Hop 1: 
Beady Leftovers

This one was the brainchild of Marybeth over at ForestofJewels... The idea is to use leftover beads from other projects to make something wonderful. Considering how many leftovers I have, I definitely thought that would be fun!

Purple leftover beads...
A collection of amethyst, glass, jade, and a smattering of acrylic.

The reveal for this blog hop is November 21st--yes, this Saturday! Be sure to stop by and see what I end up making! :)

Blog Hop 2: 
History Hop, Paleolithic Edition

Just today, I signed up for this History Hop, organized by Leah Curtis over at Beady Eyed Bunny.

This one is inspired by paleolithic art--cave paintings and stone tools and carved fertility sculptures. Considering my academic background, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this one. Art history and anthropology? Yes, please!! 

Oh, and I was very impressed with the amount of research she did to introduce this hop... to check it out, go here.

Not my picture!
Source: Beady Eyed Bunny
...And she did such good work introducing this blog hop, you really should go check it out. *hint hint*

The reveal for this one is December 9th, so I have three weeks to create something awesome! I've been going through my stash, I've ordered a few pieces to use, and I'm super excited! 

So, there you go. My worktable is overflowing with projects... and I really wouldn't have it any other way. :)

Thank you so much for letting me share my worktable with you!

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