Saturday, November 7, 2015

More Bargain Bead Box Goodies - October's Box

Hi there! 

I'm taking a quick break from posting about my daily earring endeavors, because I realized I have yet to show pictures of what I made with my October Bargain Bead Box. After all, I've posted some teaser pictures--it would only be fair to show off the finished pieces!

As a reminder, here's what was in the box...

Here are the teaser progress shots...

And here's what I made!

The colors are distinctly not Autumnal, but I figure they don't have to be. After all, it's Spring somewhere! *looks out the window at the yellow leaves* ...Just not here. ;)

...Notice how the black thread of the bracelet echoes the black stripes on the green beads? It was purely serendipitous, but it makes me happy! 

So, there you go! Not as many pieces as I made last month, but I am still quite happy with the results.

...And now I need to go make today's earrings! :)

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