Thursday, September 30, 2010

Picture Project - Update 11

Just a quick little update on the picture project!  Here's what I've done since I last updated...

Sabriel - Earrings

Princess in the Tower - Hairstick

Seal of the Garden Palace - Set

Gift of the Butterfly - Earrings

Treasure of the Depths - Earrings

Treasure of the Depths - Necklace

Happy end of September!

Nothing is Safe...

*cue the evil laughter!*

Ahem.  Perhaps I should explain: nothing is safe from being used in my creative projects!  Mwahahahaha!

I was extremely industrious this morning.  So far today, I have made toppers for approximately 6 pairs of hairsticks.  (I haven't glued them yet--that's the next step.)  I have also started work on two other projects--each using unconventional materials.  Interested?  Of course you are.  

Project #1: The Button Charm Bracelet
As I previously mentioned (I believe in this post), I have a wonderful vintage jar filled with just as wonderful vintage buttons. 

I purchased said jar a few years ago at an antique store, knowing that one day I would find the perfect project for all of those buttons.  And, I believe I have found it: making a button charm bracelet.

Now, upon examining the buttons, it is quiet evident that they actually need to be cleaned and sorted.  Some of them are lucite, some of them are glass, some of them are metal--but all of them have a sheen of wonderful vintage dust.  Some of them have the thread still attached. Some of them even have scraps of fabric attached to said affixed thread.

So, today I started doing just that: sorting and cleaning the buttons.  I did not get very far, but I am excited still at my progress.  This may take awhile, but I definitely think that it's worth it!

I have no clever segue, so on to project 2!

Project #2: Fun with Erasers!
I love office supplies.  As such, I couldn't help but be inspired by a wonderful little package of pencil-top erasers:

So bright and cheery, aren't they?  So, that made me think...  how could I use them in my craft projects?  Just a little bit of puttering about, and ta-da!  

I present to you, Eraser Earrings:

And it doesn't stop there!  Here are eraser earrings and hairstick!

Silly, perhaps, but a great deal of fun.  I am still poking around, trying to figure out if there are other ways that I can use them...  If I think of anything, I'm sure I'll post about it here.

What will be next?  Acorn caps?  Bookmark tassels?  Hexnuts?  (Oh, wait--I've already used that last one...  I'm sure I'll post about those at some point...)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Still Glowing!

I woke up this morning to find that my glow sticks are still glowing!  Not as brightly, surely--but still glowing!

Pictures taken with the lights on--as opposed to last night,
when I took pictures with the lights off

In other happy news, today is my second year wedding anniversary...  I am so, so incredibly blessed.  I am still incredibly much in love with my husband; every day reminds me of how far we've come, and how far we want to go.

(This is where I could make a really sappy tie-in--such as "our love is still glowing"--but I think I'll spare you.  This time.)

It's raining outside, and I am perfectly content.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Night Hike

Tonight, I went on a Night Hike at our local park.  It was lovely!  I was a little sad at they didn't do any owl calling, but they made up for it just by being generally cool.  I really do enjoy nature and biology and learning things--all of which this hike had.

And, I can hear you now.  "Ah, a hike at night," you say.  "That must mean that she wasn't able to take any pictures."  

In that, my dear friend, you would be wrong!  To start with, here are some pictures of the park as the sun started to go down...

In the waining light, we traipsed through the woods, looking at the evidence of nocturnal animals and learning about wildlife.  While we did see quite a bit of this evidence--in the form of deer-rubbings and bat houses and so on--we actually saw very little wildlife.  There was a large group of us--complete with fashion conscious teenage girls, their rambunctious younger brothers who kept asking if things were poisonous, and their longsuffering parents.  As the naturalist pointed out, we sounded like a herd of buffalo.  Any self-respecting nocturnal animal decided to give us a wide berth!

As an interesting sidenote, unathletic as I may be, apparently the prospect of learning something is the perfect stimulus for me to engage in physical activity.  "Do you want to know the answer to this question?" my trainer could say.  "Then you will have to walk another mile uphill!"  ...And I would do it!  I must remember this--perhaps I can somehow implement it to encourage more exercise on my part.

Oh, and apparently I will also engage in physical activity for glow-sticks.

At the end of the hike, the naturalist gave everyone glow sticks.  I have no shame; I took one and started playing with it.  And by playing with it, of course I mean taking pictures:

So, that was tonight's nature hike.  I am glad that I went, and think I will sleep very well tonight.  And now, I'm going to go back to playing with my glow sticks.  (And, yes, I have two--my friend who went with me decided to give me hers, too.  Oh, the excitement!)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Climb Every Mountain...

...Walk every trail!  

Or, at least, try to.  This past week, one of my friends and I went back to the park.  Our goal was to walk one of the many trails; now that it's autumn, we wanted to take advantage of the cooler weather and exercise outside.  However, there were some things that we didn't take into consideration:

  1. The temperature was in the mid-90s... a record high for this time of the year--in this area, at least.  So, cool autumn weather?  Not so much.
  2. I'm on a prescription that has an interesting side effect: it makes me sensitive to heat (it makes me dizzy, and my stomach upset).
  3. I spend most of my time working on my computer--and while I may be "active", I am certainly not "athletic."
  4. The trails in this park seem to be rather, in a word, STEEP.

All of those factors led to an interesting time at the park.  And now, I document it here for the sake of victory (because, despite those factors, we went forth and conquered!).

To begin, I present the gentle unassuming beginning of the trail:

See, that doesn't look bad at all, does it?  Sure, it takes a little bit of a dip at the end, but nothing too bad.  It just beckons: come, walk this trail.  And so we did.

We walked down the path--not jogging, certainly, but at a friendly pace.  We definitely took time to take pictures of the beautiful scene around us.

Up to this point, the path was pretty level.  The walk was invigorating, but not overwhelming. There was not much in the way of wildlife--I think our constant chattering may have made the locals bury their heads under the leaves until we were gone.

We did, however, see this little guy:

Do you see him? 

How about now?

You guessed it--a chipmunk!  A chipmunk who froze in place, just standing there while I took picture after picture.  It let me get pretty close to it, too:

He was very darling, and his camouflage was very impressive.  Several times, while taking pictures, I lost track of where he was--not because he had moved, but because he blended in so well!

Eventually, we happened upon a set of two benches.  We sat at one, taking pictures and just enjoying the sights.

Little did we know that this bench was the last bastion of hope.  After this part, the path started to slope downwards.  It didn't seem too bad.  Downhill may be a bit hard on the ankles, after all, but it isn't the end of the world.

Until we realized that the path did not loop around.  That meant that we were going to have to go back the way that we came.  


Soooo...  the long trek back commenced.  The gentle slope was suddenly a monstrous uphill climb.  I am happy to report that we were victorious.  We certainly made it back to the car--but by the end of it, I was not feeling well.

But!  We conquered the mighty park trail.  And, to commemorate our victory, I leave you with two of my favorite pictures from the entire venture:

We do hope to go back to the park for some more walks...  Perhaps next time, however, it will be a bit cooler!

Things to Come...

What does wire wrapping have in common with Tolkien's Silmarils?  Funny you should ask!  They are both things that I have been working on, and hope to post to my store (relatively) soon!

Here is the wire-wrapping:

...You may (or may not) notice that two of those sets are actually made using buttons.  That's right--buttons.  I have been on a wire-wrapping-button-kick this week, and those two sets are just some of the evidence.  Heh.  

I actually made a copy of the first set for myself...  I wore it yesterday when I went to the store, and the cashier complimented me on it.  It was a wonderful feeling to say: "I made it myself!"  (I then hesitantly said that I was trying to sell my jewelry online, to be corrected by my friend: "You ARE selling your jewelry online!"  I need to work on my confidence, it seems.)

I have even more buttons that I plan to use--namely, a large mason jar full of vintage ones.  I bought said jar at an antique store on vacation two years ago, buttons and all.  With those, I am contemplating making a button charm bracelet.  (Ahhhh, all of the juicy story ideas that could go along with that!)  I have plenty, so maybe I will even make two!

...And I haven't forgotten the promised Silmarils:

I have decided to start selling them in sets--simply because I have quite a few of them, and I think there are some that complement each other very well.  The above are some of the set ideas that I have.  (And they're not all--I have at least three other ones that I am contemplating...)

As per usual, I am coming up with wonderful things more quickly than I can post them.  I dream them up faster than I can make them--and I make them faster than I can post them!  Ah well.  At least I actually started listed my autumn line before it was officially autumn!

...And now, to taking pictures.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Picture Project - Update 10

I have been fairly quiet this week, I realize.  It is not for lack of activity...  Ah well.  I will make up for it with some new lovely pictures!

Shadow Butterfly - Earrings

Fish are Friends - Earrings

Bubbleberries - Earrings

Cobalt and Copper - Earrings

Caged Moss - Earrings

Trader's Glass - Earrings

I have actually caught up with all the pictures I have taken up to this point (I tend to spend an entire day doing a photo shoot, and then several days sorting through them and posting them).  

Now all I have to do is wait for another beautiful sunny day, and I can take more!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Picture Project - Update 9

It's been a good picture day!  I've updated the pictures for six more items...  And here they are!

Mirrorleaf - Earrings

Midnight Carnival - Hairstick

Three Rogues - Necklace

Lady of the Noble Court, House Kreasa, Sar Line - Earrings

Lady of the Noble Court, House Leohad - Earrings

Lady of the Noble Court, House Nerreli - Earrings