Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Show and Tell!

I made something shiny!

I know, I know...  what a surprise.  *smirk*

In this case, the shiny is a custom necklace for a friend.  She wanted a green-and-gold version of this necklace... So, that is what I made! I finished it yesterday, and shipped it out today.

I remembered to snap a few pictures before mailing it out, and just thought I would share... 


Green and gold version of the necklace for Ellis, Thrush of Valnon

One of these days, I might even make a blue-and-silver version for myself...

Anyway!  That is my shiny report of the day.  Now, time to list some ladybugs to my Etsy store! (Or stare out the window and drink tea, which apparently is the limit of my mental capacity at the moment. Ah well...)

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!  :) 

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