Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I am Grateful...

Recently, I have been feeling very frazzled, very off-balance, very stressed.  

I'm honestly not even sure why; the amount that I'm doing hasn't actually increased. It just feels overwhelming, and like I cannot fully tackle it all. It is very hard not to feel discouraged and disheartened right now... and the self-doubt is rather stifling. 

And so, I am grateful for my husband and my friends.

They remind me to slow down, and enjoy some tea.

I supplied the tea; my friend supplied the strawberry scones.

They help me see the beauty of travel.

Absolutely beautiful day in downtown Cincinnati

...And they help me appreciate simple things.

Tree-shadows dancing on my craft room shades.

I have every confidence that this feeling of frazzled stress will pass... 

And I am immensely, amazingly grateful for those who are making even this time beautiful and blessed.

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