Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another Blog Hop!

...This one to be revealed on June 1st!

The theme?


The Details:
This History Hop is being hosted by the remarkably talented Leah Curtis, of the Beady Eyed Bunny Blog. She gave us a list of different ancient cultures to choose from--ancient cultures from all around the world. The goal is to research that culture, and make something that is inspired by it and reflects the area. Then, on June 1st, we all share what we created.


I signed up for Mesopotamia.

The Jewellery Maker by Gyula Tornai. Source Wikimedia.
Text added by Leah Curtis

...And I am so ridiculously excited.

Seriously.  I have already made two pieces, and will probably end up making more. Because, ancient cultures! The Anthropologist in me is going nuts. I have an excuse to do research and make pretty things.

And re-read the Christmas present I got two years ago.

So, yay!

Come back on the 1st to see what I've made!  :D

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