Monday, March 18, 2013

Evensong's Heir: My Tribute

What is Evensong's Heir?

First and foremost, it is an upcoming novel by L.S. Baird.

But, more than that--it is a story that I have watched grow.  A story that I have heard snippets of, read small sections of, seen drawings of, have heard the author craft over the years.

It is a story that is musical, lyrical, magical--both in its subject and in its writing.

I have watched the process from afar...  but now I am beyond excited because the author has given me permission to make jewelry to go with her story!  (Yay fan-art!)

Necklace for Ellis, the Thrush of Valnon

There will be several pieces in this new collection--pieces that will go with the different characters in the story.  (It is a jewelry maker's dream--she even has different color combinations dedicated to different characters!)

Here are some more teaser-pictures of the necklace, my tribute to Ellis, the Thrush of Valnon:

Another shot of the necklace

Close-up of one of the links

The main focal of the necklace:
three glass dagger beads, reminiscent of feathers.

And, because I am feeling generous, here are some pictures of the matching earrings:

Earrings for Ellis, Thrush of Valnon

The same earrings, this time at a rakish angle.  ;)

The full line will be revealed at the end of April, to coincide with the book launch.  

Not only will I show off these pieces here, but most of them will also be listed on my Etsy store...  But, stay tuned, because there will be a few select items that will be available only through a giveaway on her blog!

...All in all, with my Bead Soup reveal, my Spring Fling reveal, and now the unveiling of my Tribute to the Songbirds of Valnon, April is going to be a very busy month!  :D


I will also mention here that L.S. Baird is also my sister-in-law (although I usually just call her my sister, because it's easier and closer to the point).

I have seen the work that she has done, I have seen how she has poured herself into this story.  And, while I certainly think that this story deserves amazing jewelry on its own merit, my connection with the author makes it increasingly special to me.

In doing this, I want to honor her and her words...  and show her just how special she is to me.

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