Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Jenny Monthly Challenge - June Reveal

Although it's later than I had intended, here is my reveal for June's Monthly Challenge! Thank you so much for your patience as I've been getting my computer situation figured out!*

As a quick reminder, my challenge this month was my husband's idea: to make jewelry that incorporated 15 beads or less. 

That's right... While I could use as many findings (and functional don't-slide-off-the-headpin seed beads) as I needed, there could only be 15 beads. The goal was for me to make simpler jewelry--necklaces, especially, since I've been making so many one-of-a-kind statement pieces recently. (And because most of the earrings I make are under 15 beads already.)

So, how did I do? Well, overall, I made four necklaces--some with matching earrings, some not. Not too bad!

Necklace 1

A variety of gemstones to choose from!

The first necklace that I made uses only 9 beads. And while the beads that I used were not actually any of the beads pictured above, they were gemstones: rutilated quartz. 

I paired them with silvertone metal to create this set:

See, 9 beads! And the earring pair only used 2 beads, so they are also way under the 15 bead limit. Woo-hoo!

The construction for this set is fairly straightforward... I figured that I would let the beauty of the gemstones be the main, uninterrupted focus. As such, I think it turned out pretty well!

Necklace 2

The second set that I made has a design similar to the first one, but a much different color palette:

Ooooo, what a lovely collection of colored glass!

I have been really enjoying playing around with random combination of beads (like I showed in a worktable post from a few weeks ago), so that's what I did for this piece:

Ta-da! 15 random glass beads, accented by gold and brass findings.

While the rutilated quartz necklace is a classy 16 inches long, this one measures over 20 inches. It's more free-flowing as a result, and the bead combination makes it feel more bohemian.... A great way to add some color to an outfit!

Necklace 3

...And this is the point in the Monthly Challenge that I got creative. 

You see, apparently my desire to make a tassel would not be deterred. That's why, when I saw these beads, I immediately had an idea:

And, you guess it: that idea involved making a tassel!

This necklace is made with 14 beads, and the earrings are made with 4--both under the 15 bead limit. Materials include glass, pearl, goldtone metal, and a focal cloisonn√© bead. (It also needs a clasp, but I forgot and haven't added one yet. Oops.)

And, although these pictures don't quite show it, this necklace is actually quite dainty--reminding me that a tassel doesn't need to be huge to be lovely. :)

Necklace 4

And now it's time for the last necklace set that I made for this challenge... and, yep, it's a also a tassel necklace!

I took the triangle beads featured at the very top of the above picture, and--after some playing around and experimentation--I turned them into this set:

The necklace is made with 15 beads, which includes the triangle piece. Both pairs of earrings are under 15 beads, too, so they also count towards the challenge.

This necklace was a great deal of fun to make--especially since I had never done anything quite like it. (For one thing, the tassel is constructed differently than any I've done previously... And for another, I had never used triangles like that before.)

I also really enjoy the combination of metal colors (brass and silver with touches of copper), as well as the juxtaposition of the faceted glass and the matte brass. 

The longer length also gives it a great amount of movement... And, what can I say--I really like tassels. :)


And there you go... That's what I made for this Jenny Monthly Challenge! 

I turned a mish-mash collection of beads:

I posted this picture in my blog post introducing this challenge.

...into this collection of jewelry:

As I said before: not too bad!

...Especially since, I confess, this was a fairly difficult challenge for me. I kept wanting to make things more complicated--and I definitely kept wanting to add more beads! Yet, in all cases, I think the number restriction enhanced the designs... And that is definitely something good for me to remember going forward. :)

So, there you go! Thank you so, so much for stopping by to see the reveal this challenge... I hope you enjoyed seeing what I made!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

* - Photograph Disclaimer:
Please pardon if any of these pictures seem a little wonky... I'm still readjusting to using my desktop computer as opposed to my laptop--and my actual cameras, as opposed to just my phone. 

As such, there is a bit of a re-learning curve... Thank you so much for your patience, as I figure out what lighting is best, what settings to use, and so forth. I'm always endeavoring to make this blog the best it can possibly be, and right now is no exception! :)


  1. I might have to do this challenge myself! I have never been one for minimalist designs but I could certainly make something in between minimalist and statement. Your designs are beautiful and inspirational, as always. I especially love the triangle tassel necklace. I'm usually not drawn toward geometric things but it has a carefree feel that is great.

  2. You totally rocked this challenge! I was wondering how you would pull this off, and you didn't disappoint. I'm especially partial to the colorful necklace and the first tassel one. I love the reminder, though, that you've given me that working with fewer beads can result in some amazing jewelry! Well done!!


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