Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thursday's Worktable

I'm back! 

And, as promised, I have come prepared with this week's worktable post. Hurrah!

This week, I've been focused on two things: practicing my knotting skills, and playing with random beads. 

Now, I realize that neither of those things is new (I talked about knotting at the beginning of the month, and doing a random bead project in this entry), but this is the first time I've combined the two.

Essentially, I've been gathering random beads--the mixed strands from Michaels, leftovers from projects, you name it--and I've been putting them together in a box lid. And then, this week, I decided to make some long multi-color necklaces with them... knotted, of course, on some waxed linen thread.

Oh, and another fun thing: recently, I have been bringing my work down from the craft room so that I can sit next to my husband when he plays on his computer.

How have I been doing that?

Enter in my portable beading station--namely, an baking sheet with a beading mat which fits in it perfectly:

...And so, my husband sits there working on his computer, and I sit next to him playing with beads. For this project, that meant lots and lots of knotting!

The first necklace I made has a pendant made with a blue agate slice and a golden tassel:

The collage that I shared on my Instagram.

...And the second one has a similar agate slice, this time with a silver tassel:

Work in progress shot.

So, there you go! That's what I have been up to this week. Here are the two necklaces together:

 ...And I definitely plan to make several more! 

After all, I want to play around with different pendants. And I want to play around with perhaps doing color-themed ones (I'm thinking of doing a red-orange-yellow one and a blue-purple-green one, for instance). And I want to make some with really large beads, and some with really small ones.

So many options!

It's nice having a fun project that is easily portable--I like being able to bead next to my husband. It's also fun to have a project that isn't demanding or exact--I can just go with the flow. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and humoring my belated post. Hopefully it was still worth the wait. :)

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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  1. Those necklaces are really pretty! The mix of random beads is beautiful. My only beading station is portable. I use one of those old metal folding TV trays :)


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