Friday, November 13, 2015

Today's Earrings: Shades of Blue

The sky is brilliantly blue today--a welcome reprieve from the overcast Autumn gloom of the last few days. And while I like cold-rainy-hot-apple-cider-and-blanket days, I also like seeing the sun. (And it's also nice to be feeling a bit better--woo!)

And, inspired by today's sky, I thought I'd make some blue earrings for today's installment of my monthly challenge.


One pair was made with ceramic, Czech glass, wood, and metal...

The ceramic beads were salvaged from a vintage necklace
I bought while on vacation this past summer.

...and the other pair was made with vintage buttons.

I also picked up these vintage buttons while on vacation--
not this past summer, but the summer before that.

And I don't make any promises... it is very, very possible that I will make a necklace to match those ceramic-wood-glass earrings--because I have more of those ceramic beads left, and I'm already designing in my head. So many ideas, so little time! :D

Have a great Friday, everyone! (And it's Friday the 13th--which, believe it or not, is usually a day of good luck for me. May it be the same for you, as well!)

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