Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Today's Earrings: Porcelain and Pearls

Today's earrings came about from experimenting... I had four porcelain rounds and four matching freshwater pearls, and wanted to see what different designs I could come up with.

This is the result... two different looks, using (almost) identical materials!

My pearl obsession seems to be going strong. :)

Now I realize that there is nothing really ground-breaking in these variations, per se, but it was still fun to play around. 

Besides--and I'm rather loathe to admit it--I'm starting to lose steam.

Granted, I figured that this was going to happen... Going into this month, I knew that the monthly challenges I chose for myself--both making earrings and doing National Novel Writing Month--would require a heightened and sustained outpouring of creativity. I knew that it would be tiring, especially on top of the other things I'm trying to do (like be an adult and pay bills and not have the house fall apart). 

...And, yeah, I'm definitely starting to feel it.

Still, I told myself that it would be okay if what I created everyday wasn't ground-breaking and revolutionary--as long as I made something

Looking at these earrings, it makes me happy that even just creating something, I made something pretty lovely.

Now, if only I could go take a nap.

Take care, everyone!

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