Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Stories are Coming Back...

I am tentatively hopeful...  

After months of writer's block, and struggling with a lack of stories, the ideas are starting to trickle back.

So, after working so hard on the Songbird Tribute Reveal, I wanted to take a moment to share what I've listed today--something that relates to my story.

I don't want to get my hopes up too high...  But, oh, it feels good to be writing again!

Desert Snow

Desert Snow - Earrings

Desert Snow - Hairstick

The Story:

The Kezzarit desert, in the Landus Fantasticus, is a harsh and unforgiving landscape—a barren wasteland bordered by mountains, inhabited only by sand. There are very few who venture into the desolate dunes, and even fewer who return.

This inaccessibility makes the Kezzarit desert the perfect source of legends—legends of people who make their dwellings under the sands, legends of giant dunes that turn into lizards and giant lizards that turn into dunes. 

The legend of Desert Snow is one such tale—that every hundred years or so, the clear skies above the desert become full of clouds, the scorching temperatures dip, and the snow falls on the desert sands.

This Desert Snow has not happened within memory... Yet, that fact only fuels the legend. Those that hope for such things whisper that it might happen any day now. And when it does, the legend says that a time of unparalleled prosperity will begin.

This jewelry set looks as if it could be part of this legend—with elegant, lightweight focal drops that whispers miracle and mystery, and look like it could be worn by someone waiting for snow to fall on the desert.



1. Let it be known that it is very hard to take dynamic pictures of something white on a white background.

2. I've been working on new backdrops for my listings...  See that page there?  It's the first page of my Landus Fantasticus novel.

3. I am craving chocolate.  I'm hoping that this is a sign that I'm completely over my stomach grumpiness.

4. Apparently, this is my 400th post. Huzzah! I am verbose! And now I'm going to celebrate by hunting down the aforementioned chocolate.

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