Thursday, May 2, 2013

Songbird Tribute Reveal: Keeper of the Instruments

Day 4 of Preybird Week!  

...This is actually a set that I have already posted pictures of--but how fun that it is now posted to my store!  :D

Keeper of the Instruments
Set for Alexander, His Grace the Preybird Kite

Earrings for Kite

Hairsticks for Kite

The listings are here (earrings) and here (hairsticks).

One more day left of Preybird Week...  I'm sure those who have read the book can guess who tomorrow is going to be.  ;)

...Also!  I have been working on a few non-Songbird related blog entries which should be coming up shortly...  You know, in all my "spare" time.  


Anyway!  Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

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