Sunday, May 26, 2013

Shining Silmaril Sale!

It's Sale time!

In honor of Memorial Day, I am running a sale at my side-store, Shining Silmarils.

Until June 1st, use the coupon code MEMORIAL2013 for 20% off your total purchase!

Purple Stardust

Orange Rose

Mermaid's Finery

Dew and Rose

Number 9

I realize that, with all of my work on the Songbirds reveal--as well as blog hops and, well, life--I have neglected my poor side-store for awhile...  

So, I wanted to show it some love!  :) 


P.S.  I am actually in the planning process of re-imaging this particular store--including a new name.  While I absolutely love calling these pendants Silmarils (yay geeky connection!), I really want to connect them to my own story and my own intellectual property, instead of piggy-backing on Tolkien's success.

Soooo... poll time!!

Any suggestions for a new name?  :)


  1. These are stunning! And yay for their name :D

    1. Thank you!! :)

      ...As of right now, I think I will probably keep the name. I just love it so much, lol.


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