Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kumihimo Break

When I started today, I had a huge list of things that I wanted to do--plans and goals and expectations.

...Instead, I did this:

That?  Is my first venture into the world of kumihimo, a type of Japanese cord-braiding that is becoming quite popular amongst us crafting types.

It was repetitive and relaxing... simple motions, really, but all the more profound because of it. 

And it was beautiful.

Indeed, it was a very welcome respite from my growing To Do List of Doom--a chance to play and create and learn. I am coming to grips with the fact that I'm tired and burned out... but there are still cool things to learn, and happy things to play with.

I am sure there will be more kumihimo in the future.


  1. I've had a chance to try the technique out as well and it's absolutely amazing how the repetition relaxes you. I hop to see some kumihimo in your work soon :)

  2. Heehee--thank you! So far, I've made a necklace and a bracelet... and I'm pretty sure there will be many many more. :)


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