Saturday, May 25, 2013

In Which I Turn into a Squealing Fangirl - Part 2

As I've gotten more involved in the beading community, I have been trying--as funds allow--to buy some handmade components to go in my creations. After all, there are so many incredibly talented artists out there!

And, well, yeah...  The inevitable has happened.  I've turned into a squealing fangirl.

In my defense, though, these artists are so cool. That is why this blog series is dedicated to sharing some of their work... well, that, and because I want the opportunity to babble. What can I say--I'm excited! :)

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Today's Artist

Today's artist, I found through this year's Bead Soup Blog Hop... because she was my partner.

Introducing: Marianne Baxter!  (Her shop is here.)

Close up of Ocean Sunset --
a fused glass pendant without the clear glass topping,
so the colors are particularly vibrant.

Sooo...  yeah. 

After getting the chance to use her lovely work in my Bead Soup 2013 creations (the pieces are here, if you haven't gotten a chance to see them), I realized that I wanted to play more with glass pendants.

On a whim, I went to Marianne's website and found that she had added more items to her inventory...  and that some of her pendants--the ones that I had been drooling over--were on sale.

On sale!

After some careful financial debating, I decided not to buy all the pendants (oh, I wanted to)...  Instead, I settled on three.

These three:

From left to right:
Blues Pendant
Ocean Sunset Pendant
Grass is Greener Pendant

From the pictures, I knew that they were going to be lovely--and I was not disappointed. When the package arrived, I did a dance... And then promptly took pictures of my own, because that's what I do.

They are gorgeous and shiny and exactly what I wanted!

Blues Pendant

I picked this pendant because of the shifting green and blue shades--it matches practically half of my wardrobe.  I also have been toying with the idea of possibly turning it into a gift... If I can bear to part with it, that is!  :)

Grass is Greener Pendant

This was actually the first of Marianne's pendants that I fell in love with, when I was introduced to her as my Bead Soup partner.  Purple and green--amazingly textured...  



Ocean Sunset Pendant

This pendant is bigger and bolder than the others.  I picked it because I love the juxtaposition of the complementary colors--and because that blue is simply gorgeous.  

Marianne pointed out that it doesn't have a clear glass layer on top--which makes the fused glass vibrant and, honestly, quite stunning. 

And that means lots of close-up pictures!  :)


And, once again, here are all of the pendants together:

So, I realize that I might be addicted to glass pendants.

A little.

...Okay, a lot.

As for what I'm going to do with them, I am fairly certain that I'm not going to leave them on their simple chains.  That's not because they aren't gorgeous the way that they are, but just because I want to play with them.

Of course, when I'm done creating, I'll be sure to post pictures here! 

And so, there you go!  Yet another talented artist, and yet more beautiful shinies to make me smile!

~ --- ~ --- ~ --- ~ --- ~

And, for those interested in such things--no, Marianne did not pay me or bribe me to write this entry.  Not at all.  I'm just really, really like her work, and wanted to share.

After all, this blog is, in part, my chronicle of happy things...  And, to me, these pendants are happy things!  :D

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