Thursday, July 21, 2016

Allegory Gallery - Luna Moth Reveal

Well, here it is... The last reveal of the night. Can you believe it?

And it's quite a pretty one: the Allegory Gallery Luna Moth Challenge.

I realize that I really shouldn't have signed up for so many challenges that had reveals on the same day, but I couldn't help it! Everything was just so lovely! And even though I'm apparently too much of a perfectionist to miss a reveal day, it was totally worth the time crunch.

I mean, just look at all these beautiful components (you know the drill, these are from the official Allegory Gallery listing): 

Now, I didn't actually have opportunity to make everything that I wanted to for this kit (it's like I've been busy or something), but I did have time to make one pretty little necklace set, highlighting the beautiful pendant that came with the kit:

This set was made almost exclusively with components from the kit--the only exception being the findings and the little 4mm sage Czech beads sprinkled throughout. 

The necklace itself is a rather odd length... I am debating either lengthening it or shortening it, but I have yet to decide which.

However, wonky length aside, I am quite pleased with how this set came together... this is not a color combination I usually play with, and I admit that I am enamored with it. I love the juxtaposition of the earthy browns and the ephemeral pale green--and the gold on the pendant just makes it!

...And, with that, today's reveals are done!

Thank you so, so much for joining me on today's adventures! I've had a lovely--albeit exhausting--time, and I hope you have too. (Well, minus the exhausting part!)

Have a wonderful evening, everyone!


  1. This is just so pretty. I vote (I'm always willing to vote whether anyone asks or not :) ) that you lengthen it. It's too pretty to remove any of it!

  2. It started as a beautiful palette of beads and you made it sing.


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