Saturday, July 30, 2016

Wonder and Whimsy Monthly Challenge - July Reveal, Part 4

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It's time for reveal #4!

That means that it's time to show off the bracelet that I made for this challenge.

This particular bracelet was inspired by the those often seen in ancient Mayan art--depicted in murals, stelae, ceramics, and even codices. In these depictions, these bracelets are wide cuffs often worn by the elite (although I honestly have not seen enough research to say that they were the only ones who wore them).

One of the many famous murals at Bonampak.
Not my picture!
From this article on Mexicolore about Mayan feather headdresses.

These bracelets are also usually green. (I know, what a surprise!)

So, as you might imagine, I decided to make a green wrap bracelet, reminiscent of those cuffs. 

...And I am very happy to say that it turned out exactly as I had imagined it!

The materials include: two shades of dyed magnesite, Czech glass black picasso druks, copper leather, silver findings (including a Mayan-inspired bracelet bar), and dyed yellow turquoise.

I also made it so that it would look visually appealing regardless of the angle... One side features the bracelet bar, while the other highlights the geometric-design button and a hieroglyphic dangle.

As I said, this design just came together just as I had hoped. While I was a little concerned about the combination of silver and copper when I was making it, I am extremely happy that I kept with it... The overall look is precisely what I was going for. (And I am thrilled at how close the colors are to the mural I showed above--even though that was not done on purpose!)

...So, there you go: that was the bracelet I made for this reveal. I am extremely happy with it!

And with that, I have one more reveal entry to go. Come back tomorrow, and I'll show you the last thing that I made for this Mayan-inspired monthly challenge! 

Until then, have a great night everyone!


  1. wow the Mayans do use a lot of green - is there a reason for it?

    1. Yep! A big part of the reason was due to their location--in the middle of Central America, where the forests are green year round. Green was also the color of growing crops, water (reflecting the trees), sacred Quetzal feathers, and jade (their most prized material, even above gold). This meant that green was everywhere in their world, and represented life.

      I'm sure they also used other colors as well, but green was also used for royalty--royal jewelry, royal murals, and so forth--which means that it is also what has been best preserved. Sadly, I have not found a lot of documentation on what the everyday Mayan wore for jewelry... And so, I focused on what the elite wore... which means a lot of green.

      I hope this answered your question! :)


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