Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wednesday's Worktable

What's on my worktable this week?

Getting ready for the 5 reveals I have tomorrow.

The Tribes Competition Challenge Kit: Petal

That's right... 5!


They are all Allegory Gallery reveals, too. (Sound familiar? That's because I mentioned them in this post, too. I realize that this month's worktable posts have been all challenge-oriented, but that's because everything I've made this month has been challenge-oriented. Not a month for side projects!*)

The Tribes Competition Challenge Kit: Nomad

So, yes, I am working on beautiful things! Many beautiful things. And you get to come back tomorrow to see them all! Whee!

Have a happy Wednesday, everyone! See you tomorrow!

* - Okay, okay, there is one not-challenge thing that I've made this month: birthday presents for one of my my sisters-in-law. But I can't share pictures yet because the package is still in the mail. So! Challenge pictures, it is. :)

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