Monday, October 5, 2015

The Jenny Monthly Challenge - October Edition

I had so much fun with last month's challenge--making jewelry based on a visual artist--that I decided to do so again this month! 

...I'm sure that's a huge surprise.

I was trying to think of an artist that would be appropriate for this month. It is October, after all--the month of Halloween. My first instinct was Hieronymus Bosch--if for no other reason than the rather strange, surreal horror of the Garden of Earthly Delights--but I decided to go with something a bit different.

So, drumroll please... 
This month's artist is Edward Gorey!

Gorey is primarily known as an illustrator, although some of his work earned critical respect as surrealist art. His style is very distinct: pen-and-ink drawings set in Victorian and Edwardian settings, usually depicting vaguely unsettling narrative scenes. 

Not my picture!
This is the cover of a book, and the image is from Wikipedia

...Artist known for disquieting scenes? Check.

Still, while he is known mostly for his Gashlycrumb Tinies (cover seen above)--and the animated introduction to the PBS show Mystery--my favorite of his works are his illustrations for T.S. Eliot's poems about Cats.

...Yes, the very same poems that were later adapted into the musical Cats.

I was introduced to this particular book--and its illustrations--when I found it on my parents' bookshelf. I think I was in 4th grade. It caught my eye, nestled amongst all of these grown-up looking books--and when I looked through it, I was entranced.

How could I not be?

...Artist known for drawing black cats? Check.

It seems quite fitting, then, that my October challenge is going to be to make jewelry inspired by Edward Gorey--an artist known for disconcerting scenes and depictions of cats. My main focus is going to be on the cat illustrations... because they're my favorite, and it's my blog, and I can do that. 

Want to see what I make? Come back on Friday, October 30th (the day before Halloween) to find out!

Disclaimer and Links...

Please note that absolutely none of these illustrations are mine--
my copy of this book is still in storage, and my scanner isn't working anyway. These particular illustrations were taken from this source, and are originally from the Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. I definitely recommend this book! :)

For information on Gorey--from supporting his legacy to buying licensed merchandise--you can go to the website for the Gorey House

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