Saturday, April 11, 2015

Artisan Component Marketplace Design Kit Challenge - Reveal!

Well, so far I have shown you the lovely components that I was sent in the Artisan Component Marketplace Design Kit...

And now I get to show you what I made with them!

As the above picture shows, there were five components that we had to use, including the sari ribbon. We could either use them all in one piece, or separate them out--but we had to use all of them. I know, what a hardship... I have to use all of these beautiful pieces? :)

For my part, I decided to separate them out.

So, first I took this beautiful ceramic component made by Marla's Mud...

And made this:

Not surprisingly--and true to my regular modus operandi--I made an entire set. I chose the colors based on the main colors of the ceramic focal, and used a combination of amethyst, pearls, and crystal.

Next, I took this wooden clasp, made by Asbury Avenue Designs...

And made this:

As you can see, I also used the bright pink sari silk ribbon... In fact, this was my first time working with sari ribbon, and I enjoyed it immensely. There is nothing shy or apologetic about this set... It is bright and bold and wonderful. It is made with crystal, large blue agate druzy rounds, pearls, and magnesite (in the bracelet).

And then, last but definitely not least, I took the copper piece made by Kristi Bowman Design...

...and made this:

Complete with sari ribbon tassel! 

Also featured: labradorite, garnet, copper, and red cylindrical glass (the three large beads, featured in the tassel and the earrings). I had purchased the labradorite for a different project, but it matched the sari ribbon so closely that I just had to put them together! 

So, there you go! Those are the pieces that I made for this challenge... And not only did it stretch me as a designer (making the sari ribbon tassel lay right was more of a challenge than I care to admit), but it was a great deal of fun.

And now, for links!

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The Artisans' Shops
Copper Component, from Kristi Bowman Design 
Ceramic Component, from Marla's Mud
Wood Toggle Clasp, from Asbury Avenue Designs

Please feel free to visit the other participants to see what beautiful things they made... I know I'm excited to see what they've created. And do check out the Artisan Component Marketplace and the wonderful artists featured there... So many talented people making beautiful things!

So, to sum up... Thank you to the coordinators over at the Artisan Component Marketplace for putting this together! Thank you to the artisans for contributing such lovely pieces for us to work with! 

...And thank you for joining me for this adventure! I've had a blast!


  1. Wow, your color schemes are right on ! Very feminine, dainty designs, looks great :) You nailed the fuchsia sari ribbon, that was the most difficult for me ! Fun challenge, glad I got to participate!

    1. Thank you so much! I had a great time. Your designs are also lovely--what a fun challenge! :)

  2. Wow you did so many amazing pieces!! All of your creations are wonderful, I love the use of Sari Silk and your handmade chains!! Awesome!

    1. Thank you so much--both for your compliments, and the lovely copper piece you made! It is always such a treat to use such lovely components! :D

  3. WOW! WOW! and more WOW! I absolutely love your designs! You really made the most of every bit of the kit and it paid off in a fabulous way! Sorry for the all the caps and exclamations but everything is just so stunning!

    1. Thank you so, so much! I'm so glad that you liked everything... Hee, I even got some all caps. :) I absolutely loved this challenge--thank you so much for including me!

  4. Love Love all your pieces. They represent all that I luv about Jewelry, so girly and pretty

    1. Thank you so much! I'm really, really glad that you liked everything. :)

  5. This is the first time I have seen your work and it is absolutely amazing! I can't decide which set I love more.

    1. Thank you so much! It makes me happy that you like it... Your words have made me smile. :)

  6. Jenny those designs are fabulous!!! Very unique and eye catching!!! Great Job! Be Blessed!


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