Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday's Worktable

I have three projects on my worktable today, all in various stages of completion...

The first can be seen on the left of this picture: my attempt at making a wrap bracelet using flat-sided pearls. And by "attempt," I mean "complete failure." Because those flat sided pearls just don't lie right. I actually got halfway done with the bracelet before I just took it apart. Now to figure out something else to do with those pearls!

The second project is in the planning stages--playing around with fine gemstones. I hope to make earrings (possibly also a necklace and hairpin) using those ametrine flowers--either paired with the amethyst teardrops or citrine briolettes. Or perhaps both.

And the third project is complete, seen on the opposite side from the pearls. I finished a necklace out of those giant clear dice beads--beads that my husband actually picked out on our last trip to JoAnns. I usually don't work with beads so--well, so large. I thought I'd challenge myself and see what I'd come up with. The final product is pretty cool. I even made matching earrings (still needing earwires).

So, that's what my worktable looks like today! My style is all over the place (boho wrap bracelet meets classic gemstones meets modern dice necklace), but I enjoy being eclectic.

I hope everyone is having a good Wednesday!

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